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Humanae Vitae at 45:
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Holiness


Maligned, misunderstood, and too-often unheeded, Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae continues to be one of the most controversial encyclicals of the last century. Yet its insights and predictions have proven to be prophetic, and the great work of educating the faithful on the truths of human life and marriage remains an urgent, and indeed, sacred duty. As Pope Paul VI wisely foresaw, what is at stake in this teaching is not only humanity’s “true happiness” but the “creation of a truly human civilization.”

Full Audio

  • Father Peter Ryan, S.J.

    • "Humanae Vitae in Historical and Social Perspective"

  • Teresa Collette, J.D.

    • "Humanae Vitae, Contraception, and American Law"



  • Father Peter Ryan, S.J.

    • Humanae Vitae in Historical and Social Perspective

    • Karol Wojtyla's role in Humanae Vitae

  • Teresa Collette, J.D.

    • Humanae Vitae, Contraception, and American Law

    • The Comstock Laws and Humanae Vitae

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