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  • The Previous Core

    Note: As of fall 2013 the new Core Curriculum is in effect. This Core is valid only for those students who enrolled prior to fall 2013.

    Core Curriculum Requirements

    Read the Core Curriculum carefully when selecting classes to fulfill core requirements (Note: The new Core Curriculum will be phased in over the next few academic years.)

    Humanities Core (15 credits)

    • 1 Literature course
    • 1 History course (not Western Hemisphere)
    • 1 Philosophy course (not Logic)
    • 2 Electives (can be Theology courses beyond the 6 credits required for the Theology core)

    Communication Core (15 credits)

    • Writing courses
    • Math and Computer Sciences
    • Modern languages (non-literature courses)
    • Statistic courses

    Natural Science Core (6 credits)

    • Select Anthropology courses
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Geology
    • Physics

    Social Science Core (6 credits)

    • Select Anthropology courses
    • Economics (not statistics)
    • History (Western Hemisphere only)
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

    Theology Core (6 credits)

    • THE 101 & 115 are pre-requisites for all upper level Theology courses, except THE 341 Christian Marriage.
    • Any extra Theology courses, beyond the required 6 credits, will count toward Humanities electives (except for Theology majors)

    Beware of these courses:

    THE 101 and 115 are pre-requisites for all other Theology courses except THE 102, 103, an 341. History courses fall under two separate core; Humanities and Social Sciences. Anthropology courses cover a variety of cores.

    Look at the Core Curriculum Sheet carefully when selecting classes to fulfill core requirements

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