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    Academic Counseling/Recommendation Form (ACRF)

    When a student meets with an advisor and the advisor determines that an alteration to the student Typical Program should be made, the advisor sends an ACRF to the director of Advising to request a substitution, a waiver, an extension or any other type of request for approval. If the request is within the guidelines of the academic policies, the request can be approved and noted on the student Advising Worksheet.

    Advising Worksheet

    This form is available through MyFranciscan/Academics/Course Needs. A student and his/her advisor can monitor courses taken and courses needed for graduation. Any problems should be discussed with the advisor and the director of Advising if necessary.

    Class Number

    This is a unique three-digit number assigned to each course listed in the schedule of classes. It is the number used in the registration system to identify the course in adding, dropping or changing the grade basis.

    Co-Req (Co-requisite)

    A course that must be completed prior to, or during the same term as another course. For example PHY 201 has a co-requisite of MTH 161.


    An approved set of courses within a major that define a specialty area or specific field of study. For example English majors have a choice of four concentrations: British and American Literature, Drama, Western and World Literature or Writing.


    Usually courses are 3 credits. This means that a course meets for 150 minutes per week (either MWF for 50 minute sessions or TTH for 75 minute sessions or one evening per week for 2 hours and 40 minutes). Occasionally a student will find courses with one (1), two (2), or four (4) credits. Education and Nursing majors have several courses for more credits. Full-time students pay tuition for 12-18 credits per semester. Most students carry 15 credits per semester to keep on track for a four-year degree completion.


    Two important dates that must be met are the Drop/Add Deadline and the Withdrawal Deadline. Drop/Add period is the first week of the semester where students may make changes to their schedules. This includes changing sections of a course. Once the deadline passes, no changes can be made to the schedule. The Withdrawal period enables a student to with draw from a course until two weeks after the mid-term Deficiency date. When a student withdraws from a course, a grade of “W” appears on the transcript. There is no penalty to a student for “W” grade.


    At mid-term professors submit names of students who are working below the “C” grade level to the Registrar. Students are notified on MyFranciscan of courses that are deficient. Students should meet with the professors of these courses and discuss tactics to either improve the grades or determine if a withdrawal is necessary. Students with multiple deficiencies should make an appointment with the director of Advising, the director of Student Success, or the director of Student Academic Support Services to resolve the issue.


    This is the information system where a student can access information about his/her records at Franciscan University. The student ID and a password are needed to enter this site.


    A registration hold is any restriction that prevents registration. Holds can be placed on your accounts by various departments on campus. Some academic departments place holds on students to ensure they meet with the academic advisor before registering. Once the student meets with the advisor, the hold is removed so the student can go to FUS Web and register for the next semester. Failure to follow the advising process may result in the inability to register at the assigned time and date. Other examples of holds include: financial services, documentation, and fines.


    A major is the subject or field of study; it is the main field of specialization. Students choosing to specialize in two subjects will have a double major.


    A field of secondary emphasis. The total number of units required in the minor field is less than that required for the Major. Not all majors require a minor.

    Pre-Req (pre-requisite)

    Requirements that need to be met before taking a particular course. For example ACC 101 is a pre-req for ACC 102.


    The act of enrolling in classes. This involves choosing classes with the help of an academic advisor and submitting the course requests through MyFranciscan.


    A letter used to distinguish one class from another. One course may be offered at several times throughout the day or week. A student may be enrolled, for example, in Foundations of Catholicism which has the course number THE 101 and section B. The entire designation of this course is THE 101B. The section distinguishes the class from all other sections of the course and should be verified by the student before the Drop/Add Deadline.

    Total Withdrawl

    In rare instances, a student may need a total withdrawal from Franciscan University. This may be the result of a serious illness, a family situation or a personal reason. Students seeking a total withdrawal will meet with the director of Advising who will give counsel on what the total withdrawal means and what a student can do for the future. A form will be given to the student to sign and take to the housing director if the student lives on campus and then to the Registrar who will issue “W” grades for all courses.

    Typical Program

    Each major has a Typical Program sheet that shows a sequence of classes for a four-year completion. These forms are available in the University Undergraduate catalog, in the major departments and in the Advising Office. Students can use the Typical Program sheet in conjunction with the Advising Worksheet on MyFranciscan to monitor their progress in their Majors and Minors toward graduation.


    A waiver means that the student does not have to take a course; the requirement has been met with a waiver. A waiver does not result in the awarding of credit.

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