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Posted: Monday, March 1, 2010
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Hey everyone, I feel like my life at school never slows down! I’m, always doing a million things, but I’m staying busy, and staying on top of my work.

Last weekend, Anna, my girlfriend’s sister, was in town. Anna, a Franciscan graduate, is now teaching high school theology in Annapolis, MD. It was great see how Franciscan prepared her for the real world. After Mass on Valentine’s Day, we went to Spanky’s Family Restaurant, a local diner-like restaurant, for breakfast. I ordered a couple of massive pancakes, and bacon, with a cup of coffee to wash it all down.

After breakfast, I ran down the hill to the lower campus chapel to play praise and worship for the Born in the Spirit EmpowPatrick 3-1 2erment Session, which everyone had been preparing for at the end of the week. It was cool to pray for something, in community, that I would hopefully see the fruits of at the end of the week while I was on the retreat.

I have been working on this unknown solution in Chem lab for the last three weeks of school, and I finally figured it out! In the Chem II lab, you basically receive a solution of unknown elements. You have to separate and testing each of them with a specific test. It can be really frustrating when it’s the fourth or fifth time doing the experiment and you haven’t found the correct elements. I finally solved the problem and identified my unknown solution this week. Praise the Lord!

On Tuesday night, my brother Kevin and I were asked to play in a Battle of the Bands competition. My friend was using the competition for her senior thesis and was graded on her advertising skills and how many people attended the show. It went really well; Patrick 3-1 3Kevin and I actually won first place. First place prize was five hours of recording time at Innovation Studio, a recording studio in downtown Steubenville.

After the Battle of the Bands competition it was back to studying for my Zoology test, which I had been doing all day. It is a crazy amount of material for a first test, but I think I did really well. The material started at “What is Zoology,” then moved on to classification and taxonomy, and finished up with a big section of embryology. We are now moving on to the second portion of the course on classical genetics.

Friday finally came, and after my Chem quiz I started packing and getting ready for the Born in the Spirit Retreat. I actually wasn’t going to go, but I was asked to help with the music, so luckily for me, I kind of skipped the whole application process. When everyone began to arrive, we first had a small opening talk, just to inform everyone how the weekend was going to run.

Patrick 3-1 4The ice breakers in the gym were hilarious. We played some ridiculous game that involved following directions…I really had no clue what was going on. After the ice breakers, we got started with the first talk. It was really interesting to see many of my close friends give talks about spirituality, or give testimonies about their life.

On Saturday night, we started the session which everyone was most excited about, Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We started it off with praise and worship, then about forty five minutes of adoration, and finished up with prayer teams. I sang and played guitar all night, along with Willie, the other musician on the retreat. At the end of the session Willie and I were exhausted, we joined the others at the social in the other room and just relaxed over a cup of coffee.

After cleaning up and not getting enough sleep all weekend, we headed back to campus. I had dinner in the Pub with my girlfriend Elizabeth and told her all about my weekend.

I’m having a great time at school and that’s all for now, until next time, peace and blessings.


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