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Posted March 15, 2010
With Household

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Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the life of Christyn! I have had such an interesting, yet fun-filled last two weeks. Recently I have been realizing these times will be some of my last here at Franciscan University . So, it has been pretty bitter sweet, but I have definitely been investing myself into the many opportunities and the personality this school offers.

I think I have told you before that I am part of Totus Tuus Maria household. We devote ourselves to our Lady in knowing that is she who will bring us most intimately with her Son, Jesus. I love my sisters in household so much and have enjoyed being able to get to know everyone of them so personally. We have different commitments we do together, such as: rosary, Mass, celebrating Lord’s Day, household dinner, etc—all of which help to strengthen our sisterhood in Mary. One of our commitments is called “Fun Day” where we all take a break from school and our busy schedules and go do an activity together that requires nothing but our presence. This year, we all decided to go ice-skating in Pittsburgh . Do I know how to ice-skate? Absolutely not…but I’m sure glad everyone else knew how to! That WAS only my 2nd time ever ice-skating, so I think I have a reasonable excuse ☺. We had such a good time with each other!

Christyn cleaningBecause of my roommates’ and my busy schedule, we tend to forget to clean the room sometimes. Well, I guess after a while of not being able to find your dishes or have a clean cup to have coffee, it’s about that time to do something about it. So, we finally all put aside time the other day and had a big cleaning party. And, of course, we had music to dance and sing to while we cleaned. It made it so much more enjoyable! Once cleaning was done, I miraculously realized that I was more productive in my school work when I worked in the room. Imagine that!

So spring break is coming up, and Franciscan offers the opportunity for students to go on a mission trip to various places: Ecuador , Belize , Chicago , New Orleans , Honduras , Panama City , Florida , etc. Each mission trip has a different focus and mission. This year I have decided to go on the “SonLife” mission trip down to Panama City , Florida . Our focus when we go down there is beach and bar evangelization where we spend our time learning how to meet people where they are at, love them, and have the opportunity to talk about Jesus while doing it! It may not sound like a typical mission trip—because it is not—but I feel this may be the most difficult mission trip I have ever gone on. This is going to be one of those mission trips where you may never see the fruits of your labor, meaning, you may never see the impact you will make on someone’s life. It will be draining and hard trying to talk to people about Jesus who do not necessarily care to hear about Him. There has been a lot of prayer offered for this mission trip, as well as a lot of fundraising.

Christyn 3-15 3

As a mission team, we have decided to do Song-A-Grams, or Singing Telegrams around campus. We like to call them “SonLife Serenades”. People have been paying us to do performances which include: song, costumes, instruments, and choreographed dances. I cannot even begin to tell you how entertaining this has been! If I am not in class, I feel like I have been serenading someone. I now know how Miley Cirus feels…pretty sure. Also this past week, soccer training has picked back up again. I have been waiting to start exercising since soccer ended…I guess this is a good time to get back to it ☺.

I have continued to pray for all of you, especially those who are finding it difficult to choose a college. I know the Lord will lead you to wherever it is you heart truly desires. Thank you for staying updated with us and I ask for your prayers for our mission team and all mission teams as we prepare for mission over Spring Break. I hope ya’ll have a wonderful week!

Thank you and God Bless,


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