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Posted March 15, 2010
Daniel 3-15 1

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Hi friends!

It is my last semester at Franciscan University, and I am fighting through midterms, thesis-writing, and preparing for Mexico Mission. But something in me said there's one more thing I have to do before I graduate: last Tuesday I intented to the Knights of the Holy Queen household! I announced my decision to join the household after praying the rosary with the members, and a dozen men jumped on top of me. When they heard, all of my friends were very encouraging; now my only hope is that I become an official member before I graduate. The Knights of the Holy Queen (or just “Knights” for short) are a solid group of men devoted to Our Lady. They play and pray together, share their struggles, and model themselves after Mary's love for our Lord. Formation has already begun for myself and nine others, and I know the lessons I learn will stay with me for the rest of my life. Also, many of the Knights are from California, so there will be no shortage of brothers when I go back home.

Daniel 3-15 2 Mission Immersion Day, a day devoted to preparing for Spring-break missions, began with Mass at 8 am this past Saturday. There are trips going to Belize, North Dakota, Honduras, the Bronx, Ecuador, and many other places. All of us gathered together for the first time, we sang praise songs and listened to three inspirational talks from a couple full-time missionaries and Father Rick, who will be accompanying my team in Mexico. I think my whole team feels eager to preach the Gospel and be transformed by this trip. No doubt it's somewhat scary, but the Lord has poured out so many graces to prepare us. Now with our packing lists in hand, we can almost see the blue skies and feel the sunshine! Two years ago, I encountered Christ by seeing the simplicity and radical trust with which the poor in Mexico live. I can't help but wonder what you will do this time, Lord.

If you are willing, I ask you to keep my mission team in your prayers; we'll be in Mexico from Saturday the 13th until Saturday the 20th, serving the poor in whatever small ways we can. Hope you have an amazing couple weeks!

Under His Mercy,


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