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Posted May 6, 2010
Daniel 5-6 1

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Dear friends,

These last weeks I have been hammering out an English/Writing thesis, while leaving room for horsing around with friends. I went to a crazy date-night with Beloved First Truth household. There were about thirty of us there, and we competed in games like paint-tag, movie charades, and chalk-drawing. It was the most fun I've had with paint since kindergarten.

Well, I have just finished my last undergraduate class, and I am amazed. Where did my time here go?

I don't know that I have much to say, but my final thought for you 

Daniel 5-6 2

would be this! If you are considering coming to Franciscan University, know that I humbly recommend it with all my heart.

Back when I was attending my private Catholic high school, I noticed a quiet confidence and warmth among the teachers who had graduated from Steubenville. They had high standards and a great zeal for the Lord, and were so approachable. Something made them smile and laugh more often. I wondered what that was, where it came from. Now I know. At Franciscan I found something of the heart of the Church. It is a Christian community of young adults, a network of friends that hold you accountable and support your growth. They minister to you and are also preparing for the front-lines of battle. There are consecrated men and women whose lives are dedicated to service. Daniel 5-6 3Christ is at the center, faithful to His promises. All academics and activities around campus are seen in this light. This community has been like a second family to me, because from it I have received so much love and learned to love. When I go forth now, I go with my household brothers at my back, interceding for me. I go with hope for my generation because I have seen and met so many brothers and sisters who want to change the world. And I believe they will. I will carry them with me as I return to San Diego next year, and forevermore.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share some of my journey with you. God speed you on your own!

May Our Lady keep you wrapped in her mantle,


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