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    Financial aid comes from many sources and is available for nearly everyone. Whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, new student, returning, or transferring, you should check out what aid is available for you.

    Check through the below categories to find out more about them and opportunities available for you.

    Institutional Aid – Various forms of aid granted by Franciscan University.

    State Aid – Aid that comes from a student’s state of residence.

    Outside Aid – Scholarships, grants, and loans that come from any other source.

    Federal Aid – Scholarships, grants, and loans that come from the federal government.

    Find out more about each type of aid below.


    Institutional Aid

    Franciscan University is able, through the generosity of donors, to award a limited amount of financial assistance to students.

    Academic Scholarships:
    Academic Scholarships are awarded through the Admissions Department upon entering the University. Please refer to Admissions for more information.

    Institutional Grants:
    Institutional grants are awarded each year based on several factors including, but not limited to, financial need, academic standing and test scores upon entering FUS, housing status, and course load.

    Family Tuition Discount:
    The Family Discount is available to families with two or more children at Franciscan University. To be eligible students must be full time during the same semester and be financially dependent on their parents for their education. To apply, fill out the Family Discount Form.

    State Aid

    State grant programs are funded by the student's home state of residence. Eligibility is based on your (and your parents', if you are a dependent) state of legal residence. At this point, states that participate include:





    Outside Aid

    Students are able to apply for scholarships and loans from third-party organizations and lending institutions. We are happy to assist you in finding as many outside sources of assistance as you are eligible for.

    Alternative Loans


    Federal Aid

    The Federal government offers different types and levels of financial aid for higher education. Some are grants, some are loans, and other aid is earned while in college through the work-study program.


    Federal Loans

    These allow you to borrow money for education at a low interest rate. You must repay your loans, with interest.

    Federal Perkins Loan   Must file a FAFSA. Financial need as determined by the financial aid office. Varies Franciscan receives a limited amount of resources for this loan and will award it to the neediest students until funds are depleted
    Federal Direct Loan, Subsidized   Must file a FAFSA. Need-based. -Freshman: up to $3500
    -Sophomore: up to $4500
    -Junior: up to $5500
    -Senior: up to $5500
    For more information go to
    Federal Direct Loan, Unsubsidized   Must file a FAFSA; Non-need based - Freshman: up to $5500
    - Sophomore: up to $6500
    - Junior: up to $7500
    - Senior: up to $7500
    For more information go to
    Parent PLUS Loan Must file a FAFSA; Non-need based Up to total cost of attendance For more information go to

    Important Federal Direct Loan Information

     Be sure to complete your Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling Form at


    Federal Grants

    Therse are financial aid awards that do not have to be repaid.

    Federal Pell Grant   Must complete a FAFSA and demonstrate high financial need based on the information contained therein, undergraduate students only Ranges from $620 to $5730/year This is awarded automatically based on your estimated family contribution (EFC)
    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)   Must complete a FAFSA and demonstrate high financial need as determined by the financial aid office, undergraduate students only. Varies Franciscan receives a very limited amount of resources for this grant and will award it to the neediest students until funds are depleted.

    Federal TEACH Grant

    Learn about the TEACH grant.  

    Entrance Counseling and ATS  

    U.S. Citizen, ACT/ SAT score or GPA requirements, enrolled in FUS TEACH eligible program in Department of Education, plan to teach full time in a high need field in a low income school for a minimum of 4 years Undergraduate: $1000-$4000/year with a maximum of $16,000
    Graduate: $1000-$4000/year with a maximum of $8000
    See website for complete details, this WILL turn into a loan under several circumstances


    Federal Work Study

    This allows you to earn money for your education in an on-campus job with flexible hours. We administer the Federal Work Study program through our Student Work Opportunity Program (SWOP)

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