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David Norton large

David Norton

Class of 2007

Major: Computer Information Science

Minor: Business Management

  Computers and business are increasingly interrelated, and understanding both can allow you to help others, 2007 graduate David Norton says. Norton has combined his degrees in computer information science and business management to pursue a unique way of helping businesses: building professional software systems to serve the goals of individual companies.

"Any computer programmer has to be able to help businesses meet their goals. Seeing software that I helped build in use and knowing I helped solve someone's problem is the best thing about my work."

Norton describes his business management studies as "life skills for your career." Management can involve anything from managing retail stores to doing analysis in an office, he says, but the main thing that he learned from his courses is that it's always about helping people. “No matter what amazing things you do, remember why you’re doing them and who you’re doing them for.”

Working in business and computers opens up a wide field, but it is especially important to get work experience during college, Norton says. Also, focus on personal formation during college: being part of Brothers of the Eternal Song Household taught him about being around different people and learning to work with them.

“It’s so important to be formed as a whole person, academically and spiritually, so that when you’re in the world you remember why you’re doing things the way you are.”

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