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Edward Sanok

Class of 2003

Major: Political Science

“Political science helped make me more well-rounded and better able to evaluate things. I understood, much better than those simply taking a scientific approach, that philosophy drives policy, that policy drives law, and that law drives history.”

The philosophical influence of Franciscan University's program gave him a better way of thinking through problems, says 2003 graduate Edward Sanok. It has served him well through law school at Notre Dame, joining the Air Force, as an assistant staff judge advocate with the U.S. Air Force at RAF Mildenhall, UK, and even for six month as a staff attorney with Task Force 134, Detainee Operations, in Baghdad, Iraq.

“People always have an agenda, especially in law; the focus on policy and philosophy that was in the Political Science field at Franciscan was especially helpful not only to look at the way that things were, but the way that they could be.” He adds that the he enjoyed the support of the teachers in the political science program at Franciscan University to take advantage of the program’s versatility and get a double major, which shows future employers and graduate schools that they are ambitious, well-rounded, and enjoy challenges.

One lesson from his time at Franciscan University has been cemented over his time in the Air Force: “Franciscan simplicity is important to happiness and faith.” By living the principles he took with him from Franciscan, Sanok says, “I actually get to help people and make a difference.”

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