Alumni Profile


Cate Shultis

Class of 2009

Majors: Theology, Philosophy, Honors Program

“I honestly can’t think of anything it wouldn’t be helpful with,” Cate Shultis says, reflecting on her years in Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Honors Program. “My classmates ended up everywhere, from med school to religious life!”

Cate, who plans to teach theology, is currently pursuing a PhD in historical theology at Catholic University of America and teaching theology for two hours every Friday. So far, she has taught three courses, including liturgy and the Old Testament.

“I taught Enduring Questions of Catholic Theology as a seminar discussion,” Cate says. “We often touched on the same questions we talked about in Honors, so as a moderator I had a feel for what questions would get students talking.”

The transition from student to moderator was easy, she says. “A couple of our Honors professors had us lead a class session, so I learned how to structure a class to start with a question and come to a conclusion.”

Cate decided she wanted to enroll in a Great Books program in college after she attended a summer camp with seminar-style discussions of theology, philosophy, and literature.

“Discussing the greatest ideas of the Western tradition and seeing how they developed and changed throughout history, taught us to think, reason, and communicate,” Cate says. “Studying these works introduced me to our great Catholic tradition.”

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