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Improve your marketability and chances for success!

Students looking for a quality education but who aren't looking for the commitment of a full bachelor's degree can pursue one of our associate degree programs.

Taught by our world-class faculty and immersed in our passionately Catholic atmosphere, our two-year associate academic programs equip students for meaningful careers and prepare them for further studies.

Undergraduate students unsure of their goals or desire to complete a full bachelor's degree can pursue an associate's degree in theology, accounting, business administration, child development, and general studies while they discern God's plan for their life and education.

Non-traditional students looking to expand their expertise and augment their marketability will find these programs fit the bill, while not breaking the bank or disrupting their lives.

Associate Degrees Available

Descriptions of all five programs are below, but for more information or to apply, contact our Admissions Office today!

Associate's Degree in Theology

Theology, the "Queen of the Sciences," studies all things about God and His relation to the created world. The Theology Associate's Degree Program will give the graduate a basic understanding of the principles of theology, revelation, the economy of salvation, Biblical studies, and the significance of the Church. Graduates have a better grasp of the faith, are better equipped to teach parish religious education, and are more able to share their witness with the world.

Associate's Degree in Accounting

Accounting is an indispensable tool of modern business and one of the fastest growing professions. Our Accounting Associate's Degree program will equip you with a grasp of the principles of accounting, business law, tax law, and the basic and advanced mathematics needed to contribute to the success of any organization.

Associates Degree in Business Administration

Our Business Administration Associate's Degree Program gives graduates a general grasp of the principles of business. Classes in accounting, economics, business finance, business law, labor relations, and mathematics equip graduates to contribute immediately in any business enterprise, or to pursue further studies in any of a number of business-related disciplines.

Associates Degree in Child Development

The Child Development Associate's Degree program is a well-balanced blend of academic studies and practical experience, preparing students for working with children in a sensitive and professional manner. Classes in all facets of the lives of children-mind, body, and spirit-equip graduates for meaningful and successful careers working with children, or to continue on into a Bachelor of Science in Education program

Associates Degree in General Studies

Our General Studies program provides a well-rounded education. Requiring ample courses in communicationshumanities, social sciences, theology, and the natural sciences, the General Studies program gives graduates a broad knowledge and base of experience to build upon.


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