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What is Career Planning?

The career planning process is generally one of self-discovery in which one attempts to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and the specific skills, abilities, aptitudes, interests and values in relationship to the requirements of different career fields. It is a process that many people are unaware of or simply prefer to ignore since it is perceived to be too much work for the benefit derived. The process does work for students, and is a life skill that can be used several times during a lifetime, especially by those individuals that plan their career.

We in Career Services can help you in the process. We offer various workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching or counseling that can help. 

Where Do I Start?

The career planning process that is suggested for Franciscan University students consists of four major steps. The initial step is self-assessment, the process that calls upon you to learn about and identify skills, abilities, interests and values that are the keys to being able to function within a particular career field. The academic and career option phase encourages the student to complete the appropriate education to support particular career choices and to do the research and analysis required to relate the self-assessment to a career. The next ingredient to the process is the use of relevant and practical experiences to assist in validating the prospective career choice made by the student. Finally, effective efforts should enable the student to have the foundation to explore job and graduate school opportunities that are fulfilling and consistent with the goals and objectives of the student.

Let us help! Schedule an appointment so we can meet for a career coaching session.

Self Assessment

Self-assessment simply means figuring out who you are. It means:

  • Identifying your interests, abilities, skills and personal/work values
  • Assessing aspirations and motivation level

You may know immediately what these are or you may need help. If you aren’t sure, make an appointment with us or call 740-284-5251, so we can help.

We offer a number of assessments that may help you:

  • Myers-Briggs helps you see your personality more concretely
  • Holland SDS looks at tying your personality in with your interests
  • The Strong Interest Inventory may be further used to assess interests

The better you understand yourself, the more likely you are to find a career that is a great fit for you. Take the time to get to know YOU! It’s a worthwhile investment!

Academic and Career Options

After assessing your skills, abilities and personality, it’s important to know what majors/jobs/careers are available and which will fit you the best. Check out the internet, the books in the library or the resources in our Career Services Office.

One helpful online resource we've found is where you can read stories from people in various careers. 

If you are sure of your major, then you can begin to explore which careers match up. If you aren’t sure of your major take some time to explore which major(s) is of most interest to you. There are a number of ways to do this. Again, check out the various resources mentioned above. Or make an appointment with us so we can help you get started.

Some strategies that might help lead you to a particular career or major:

  • Conduct Informational Interviews with professionals in the occupational areas to acquire information
  • Spend a day on the job with two professionals in different careers
  • Seek information from academic advisors and career counselors
  • Take courses or attend workshops in areas where transferable skills will be gained (i.e. business communications, computer knowledge, foreign languages, life and ethics and international studies)
  • Attend our Events such as Career Fairs and the Alumni Career Mentoring Day
  • Work on a university, resident hall or club event
  • Join an intramural team, run for an elected office, etc.

We're here to help! Make an appointment if you have any questions.

Relevant and Practical Experience

If you’ve worked on your résumé with us, you know how important practical experience is and how it improves your chances of landing that first job or getting into the graduate school that you want.

So how do you get that experience? You can gain relevant experience through internships, summer employment, volunteer work, and campus activities.

These experiences enhance your skills, look good on your résumé and help you determine if this type of work is a good fit for you.

So, get involved! Join some organizations! Volunteer to take the lead on a project. Work your way up to leadership positions.

Start looking for internship opportunities. You can go to our internship site for a start. There are internship opportunities available in many areas. Again, look for those areas that will build your résumé and give you experience in the area you want to work.

Get a part-time job in the industry that you are interested in.

Employers don’t expect you to have 5 years experience of full-time work when you graduate from college, but they do expect you to have developed your skills and been involved.

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