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Career Services Office In addition to the information available to you in the Career Services Office, individual counseling is provided and periodic workshops are conducted on various aspects of the job-search process, including, resume preparation and interviewing techniques. Additional publications may be available to assist you with your internship search.

  • Professors

    Some faculty members maintain contacts with individuals in business, industry, government, and with other potential employers.

  • Chambers of Commerce

    You may want to consult the Worldwide Chamber of Commerce Directory for the addresses and telephone numbers of the Chamber of Commerce in the cities in which you have an interest in working. Many Chambers of Commerce publish business and industrial directories which can give you a wealth of information on mid-size and small organizations which may not advertise on a large scale, but which may provide summer employment opportunities for college students.

  • Friends and Relatives

    Your own personal network of contact people can be extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to inform them of your interests and to ask them for information and assistance. You may also want to provide them with a copy of your resume for their reference.

  • Telephone Books

    A complete source of employers, both large and small, in any given geographic area can be found in The Yellow Pages. Most public libraries maintain a comprehensive list of telephone books from around the United States.

  • Local Schools and Government Offices

    City halls, township offices, parks and recreation departments, and schools are good contacts, particularly if you are interested in maintenance and ground work, lifeguarding, or recreation supervision. Clerical and/or administrative positions may be available.

  • Church and Civic Organizations

Check with pastors, scout leaders, and other civic officials in your community to see if they are aware of summer employment opportunities for college students.

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