Africa Scholarship Program

Franciscan University of Steubenville is able to award two scholarships every five years for Roman Catholic Clergy active in ministry in African nations.

The scholarships will cover the cost of tuition and materials for the MA Theology and Christian Ministry degree program available through Franciscan University Distance Learning. This is a degree in Catholic Theology.

Read the details below, and contact Distance Learning at distance for more information at

Scholarship Details


The purpose for establishing this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to African Students studying in our MA Theology program via Distance Education.


This scholarship is open to Roman Catholic clergy, religious, and laypersons who are citizens of African countries and currently reside in Africa. They must also be an active participant in ministry and/or evangelization. Further, the applicant needs to meet all criteria for admission to the MA Theology program. Students who wish to apply for an award should contact the Distance Learning Office.


Established University policies and procedures are to be followed in the administration of this scholarship. The University will maintain its standards of admission and will be solely responsible for the administration of the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Recipient

Recipients may enroll in the six undergraduate theology courses, two undergraduate philosophy courses and twelve graduate theology courses required for the Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry. The on campus residency requirement will be waived.

Recipients must maintain part-time enrollment (two courses every six months), maintain a “B” average or above (3.0 QPA), and complete the Comprehensive Exam within six months after completing the required course work. In addition, extensions are not available for scholarship courses. If the recipient receives a “C” or below in more than one course, the scholarship may be revoked. Recipients must provide a valid mailing address for shipments sent via US Postal Service. Required textbooks are the only printed materials provided.

The degree completion deadline may be adjusted if the recipient has completed theology or philosophy course work that can be applied toward the undergraduate background requirements.


This scholarship is unfunded. It is discounted through the Distance Learning Office Budget.

Selection Committee

A committee of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Programs Coordinator, and Coordinator of Distance Learning will review appropriate information on the applicant and select students to receive the scholarships. In the event that there are no qualified applicants in a given year, no scholarships will be awarded.

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