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    Dr. Tilman Rüsch

    Professor of Business, Austria Program

    Brief Bio

    Tilman Rüsch is Professor of International Business and has run the International Business Program since 2009.


    • Dipl.Ing, Technical University of Munich
    • Dr. rer. pol., Universität der Bundeswehr, München-Neubiberg

    Professional Experience

    • Member of the turn-around team of the Metallgesellschaft AG, Germany
    • CFO of Metallgesellschaft Austria AG, Austria
    • Independent consultant for strategy and private equity
    • Visiting professor at the International Theological Institute (ITI), Austria


    • Special Interest: The human person within the Catholic Anthropology in the Business Environment; The interdependences between Anthropology, Culture, Values /Convictions, and Actions; Free Competition Economy;
    • Current Research: Leadership and Human Resource Development under the prospective of Catholic anthropology; cultural leadership; credibility, expectations and limits of education under a ‘non-anthropological’ prospective; development of the person

Academically Excellent Passionately Catholic

1235 University Boulevard

Steubenville, Ohio 43952

(740) 283-3771


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