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Extras from the Winter 2013 issue of Franciscan Way Magazine

Back in 1962, the second year of the new school on the hill, the cafeteria food was stark and at times unrecognizable, but it was what the budget would allow. We survived! As a favorite food, I suppose it would have been spaghetti and meatballs.

Michael Kalman ’66, Education

My favorite foods were off campus. John's Sausage Shop had the best sausage sandwich—35 cents in the mid ’60s. DeFederico's offered the one and only heel sandwich, a half loaf of Italian bread stuffed with meatballs, for 50 cents.

Don Plagman ’66,Business

Ice cream sundaes were sold in the lounge below the cafeteria. We had study hours in our room, I believe from 6 to 8 p.m., and then we ran over to the lounge and indulged in a sundae made with maple walnut on vanilla ice cream. The sundae was topped, of course, with whipped cream and a cherry. It was a weekly treat; there was no money to treat ourselves more often.

Danuta (Szwabowski ’67) Hartman,Biology

Pizza from DiCarlo’s was the favorite in the mid-’60s. They would deliver before that was the thing to do. I can still taste the yummy slices.

Charlotte (Skalyo ’67) Orient, Education

My favorite food item while attending college was the fantastic sausage sandwich served at John's Sausage Shop. I've never had such a great tasting sandwich before or after my days in Steubenville. I'm sure that the calories and cholesterol were minimal. This was a major dining spot for all of the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. How many of you graduates remember the nickname of this establishment?

John H. Skoviak ’67,Biology

My favorite food was a late-night sausage sandwich with a thick slice of smoky provolone cheese, grilled to perfection and packaged with a nickel’s worth of peps (pepperoncini peppers) from “Pimpy John’s Sausage Shop.”

Your mouth would water while waiting in line at 11 p.m. or midnight at John’s Sausage Shop. John would slice off a length of raw sausage, slice it down the long side, and slap in onto the hot flat grill. As it heated up, you could see the pool of hot melted pork fat pooling around the sizzling meat. As the ends of the meat would begin to curl up, John would slap the meat flat several times before flipping it and throwing on a thick slice of fresh provolone. The cheese would melt and flow over the pooled pork fat on the grill and begin to bubble up and eventually get crispy around the edges.

When done to John’s satisfaction, he would slide his spatula under the meat and cheese and insert it onto the roll and wrap it. Next, he would dunk his hand into the institutional size jar of pepperoncinis, grab a handful, throw them in wax paper and fold it up. John would then call out, “Sausage anna cheese, nickel’s wortha peps, I put ‘em in da bag, you take ‘em out!” John is gone, as is his shop, but for all the late-nighters in the Ville, his memory lives on in our minds, hearts, and stomachs.

Matt Swider ’69,Business

My favorite food of all time was the sausage sandwich from “Pimpy John’s.” Its sodium, fat, and cholesterol content would be outlawed today, but back in the late ’60s it took the edge off many a late night of studying or otherwise!

Lu Dreyer ’71,English

No doubt, for me it was my favorite drink in the cafeteria! I lived on half chocolate milk/half Sprite! I enjoyed a glass at the 1960s/1970s reunion recently. Felt like old times!

Carol (Rovegno ’71) Snyder,Sociology

By far, the favorite was the sausage and cheese sandwiches at "Pimpy John's” in town!

We brought friends and girlfriends from all over the country home with us, and treating them to a few hours in the city and to a classic slice of the best pizza in the country (with Pepe's in New Haven, Connecticut, the only exception). That remains a fond memory for both John Fischer ’83 and me. I even have a photo of my then future wife and me standing on the top of the World Trade Towers from November of 1980.

Lin (Smith ’74) Blandford, English

John's Sausage Shop was a favorite for “College" students of the late ’60s and early ’70s. My other two favorites were Capri Sausage Shop and, of course, DiCarlo's Pizza. There were some students who couldn't stand the local pizza, but for me, it brings back great memories of my happy college years.

Michael Clark ’74,Sociology

John’s Sausage Shop was, hands down, the best! The heel sandwiches made from local, good, bread sold from a downtown restaurant were great and affordable, but I do not recall the name of that fine establishment. The Ice House was good in an emergency.

In the cafeteria, the Whopper-style hamburger was very good. Meatloaf with mashed potato and fresh/frozen vegetables, chocolate milk, whole milk, and weekend breakfasts were good, too. The pasta in red gravy was good sometimes; it was better during my last two years! Howard, the chef, tried hard. The manager was a good basketball player, I recall. He would talk with the students!

I went to dinner at Naples with 16 friends last fall. It was professional, had a good family atmosphere, and offered great gravy now and back in the day.

Rich Marsich ’74,Business

There was a food counter in the student union center and almost every day I would get two hot dogs with ketchup and pickles. They always tasted great after Professor Ed Kelly's accounting class. We ate lunch then played euchre!

Bob Furka ’76,Accounting

I liked cream sticks and coffee from the student union first thing in the morning with my friend Debbie Hoppel.

Sanna (Petrella ’76) Carapellotti, Psychology

My favorite food during college was the meat sauce heel. I can honestly say that I was not crazy about the cafeteria food.

Mark Coughlin ’77,Education

Some of my favorite foods at Steubie U: The meatball heel and hot sausage heel from Capri, and in the dorm, I liked popcorn (made in the old fashioned popcorn maker with oil) and Kraft Mac 'n Cheese.

Nadine Hlad ’78,Biology

I wish I could say it was the delicious, fresh salad bar that was added to the dish du jour in the early ’80s, but I really remember scraping up enough people and money to get pizza off campus, or calling around to see who wanted to get subs at the Ice House at the bottom of the hill or eat the greasiest but best egg rolls somewhere on the strip. Another favorite was Hu Nan’s, which is still located downtown. As a back up, I chose the pop/soda and candy bars at the bookstore.

Teresa (Seviola ’83) Knorr, Psychology

I will never forget trying to make breakfast for Father Denny! I also remember making sacrament bread for Easter with flour, salt, and water. They wanted a large loaf to visualize it. I told them not to bless it because it would be hard as a rock—I made it in the dorm!

Kay Sutton ’83,Theology

DiCarlo's Pizza at midnight.

David West ’83,General Studies

I loved the cafeteria's broccoli and cheese soup—thick and creamy and yummy. I have traveled and eaten in a lot of restaurants, and no one can beat it. I remember the word would leak out that it was on the menu and you had to get to the cafe for lunch early in order to get some. It would “sell” out fast. I wish I had the recipe.

There used to be (and maybe it's still there) a Chinese restaurant on the main street in Steubenville. The “Happy Family” was delicious! During my first year at Steubie U (before dorm and cafeteria life), my roomie Pam introduced me to eggplant, tomatoes, and tofu cooked in a crockpot. It was pretty good for poor MA student food.

Mary Anne Fox ’85,MA Theology

Fave food: split between gravy and fries from the Diner in Weirton and Father Sam’s finals week potato fries.

Dave Conklin ’89, MBA ’93,Business

Former student Mary (Stevens) Coclasure made caramel banana pie for the Handmaids of the Lord by boiling cans of sweetened condensed milk. I still make the pie for my family. It was a hit at the Handmaids “cake walk” when households did a carnival event in ’88-’89.

Margaret (Boesen ’89 MA ’99) Stastny, Theology

My favorite food was, of course, bacon in the a.m. at the cafe. Bacon on toasted buttered cinnamon raisin bread with a coffee.

Robert E. Campbell ’90,Business

How about the place that served several different levels of hot wings in the basement bar but had home-style fancy dining up on top? It was just over the border in West Virginia.

Dawn (Prather ’92) Chegwidden,Biology

Trying all the international dishes when the ISO had its annual festival!

Araceli (Ferrer ’92 ) Crotty French

Domino’s Pizza.

Chris Crotty ’92, History

My favorite breakfast was grape juice from the machines and granola from the cafeteria. I figured out dairy did not agree with me. I also realized Ohio needed a little spice in life, so I coordinated with the Louisianans to supply the cafeteria with a bulk size of Tony Chachere’s spices. We always had some handy on the salad bar. Now I understand it is always present.

Warren Dazzio ’93,Theology

I lived off campus and cooked spaghetti for a few friends, using a ton of garlic in my red sauce. After eating, we went to the Hahn's house to say hello. Kimberly made a face like, “Wow that is a really strong smell,” and said we reeked of garlic. I told her it was to keep the vampires and our friends away. Eat well, and smell of garlic!

Father Darrin Merlino, CMF ’93,Philosophy

I do remember that Mary Ellen (McCarron ’92) Cross loved Cap’n Crunch Berries. How do I know? I remember Rich Cross ’92 going over to the cereal dispenser and picking out just the crunch berries for her.

Reev Rohter ’94, History

I found my favorite and most satisfying meal by stretching myself to new understanding by going to the sacrament of penance and keeping my standards high in receiving Jesus. Partaking of this meal was my greatest highlight at the University. I still praise the Lord, as well as my forefathers, for having me present at Franciscan University of Steubenville from the fall of 1994 to the spring 1998 and for a brief time in the summer of 2000.

Tom Weiner ’96,MS Education

I was addicted to Nutty Bars from the vending machine and scrambled eggs with cheese from the cafe. When I was in Austria for a semester, I loved all the foods, but the cravings I gave into the most were Milka bars and Kaiser rolls with butter and jelly.

Jaynine Escobar ’97,Education

My favorite food in college was Papa John's pepperoni pizza late at night. It still reminds me of college to this day.

Jamie Burns ’99 MSE ’01Education

Papa John's Pizza!

Jessica (Goebel ’00) Balzarini, Theology

I enjoyed all of the Chinese dishes in the cafeteria and any Mexican food, because they were the closest I could get to Caribbean food. I missed Trinidad soul food with its unique spices.

Father Harold Imamshah MA’00,MA Counseling

Back when Papa John's was still a little Midwest chain, it was, of course, the favorite of many students. Our relationship went a little deeper. During the first semester of my freshman year, I roomed with my sister, Rose Kennedy ’97, and lived next door to my future household sister, Emily Snyder ’99, who were both taking Professor Robert Englert's Shakespeare course.

The class required weekly play sheets in which each scene, character, and plot device had to be carefully dissected and explained in painful detail. Since Rose and Emily procrastinated every week, it became a bit of tradition to order Papa John's around 10 p.m. to start the all nighter. Back then, a double order of breadsticks was only $4.75, just shy of the required $5 for delivery. Therefore, we always ordered a “double order of breadsticks with a side of marinara,” bringing the total to $5.15. It didn’t take long until the Papa John’s employees would see our number on caller ID and say, “Your usual? Rose, Susan, or Emily?” One evening we were working in the common room when one of Rosie's gentleman callers answered the phone. Thus, our personal lives became of great interest to the employees, complete with their opinions and advice. By the end of the year, we would call on Monday nights around 10 p.m., and rather than give our order, we'd just chat with the employee until our order was sent out.

That spring, Rosie graduated while Emily and I moved to the third floor Tommy More Bellwether wing. Without any Englert classes to encourage late night noshing, it was several weeks before we made our first pizza call of the year. Yet, when we called, “a double order of breadsticks with a side of marinara” wasn't even out of our mouths before the Papa John's employee excitedly yelled, “Emily! Susan! We've missed you!”

Susan (Kennedy ’00) Kinney, History and Theology

Delivered Papa John's pizza and bread sticks with garlic and cheese sauce!

Tina Pandl ’00,Mental Health and Human Services

Anything from the Pub!

Mike Wrasman MA ’00,MA Theology

During my freshman year, I liked Dr. Pepper and microwave popcorn. On Sunday nights during my sophomore year as a cafe worker, I'd put my plate of chicken nuggets in the warmer and eat when I got off. Chicken nuggets with honey and fresh pineapple. In my senior year I worked at Lancelot's and would eat their homemade dinner rolls with Ranch dressing. (Oh, how I miss that!) Every year I loved Papa John's, and during Lent, pineapple pizza. Yum! I miss Papa John's so much.

Abigail (Murray ’01) Dyer, Education

I loved the banana pancakes served every other Thursday morning, and another snack I remember was a toasted bagel with cream cheese and strawberry yogurt. I also liked Whatchamacallit candy bars and beer bread.

Anne-Marie Klobe ’01,Business

My favorite college food was probably Papa John’s pizza and breadsticks. It was relatively inexpensive to have delivered, several people could go in on it, and it was a welcome break from cafeteria food. I can still taste Papa John’s pizza to this day and instantly go back to life on the ground floor of Tommy More.

Rose (Talafuse ’02) Ripplinger,Math

I was one of the blessed few who called Trinity East home for a year. I actually preferred the hospital cafeteria to the campus one. It was cheaper, within walking distance from my room, and had the added bonus of walking past the morgue to get there.

Adrien (Thomas ’03) Lee,Theology

My favorite was the frozen chocolate chip cookie dough you break apart. I'd break off a bite or two after a long day, and when it was a particularly stressful week, the cookie dough wouldn't last until the weekend!

Christine (Olimpio ’03) Schoemehl,Theology

I remember Sunday nights when the cafe had the “Chicken Bar” downstairs—chicken any way you want it and quite extravagant for a college student! It was discontinued after my freshman year, but I will never forget it!

Amy (Heins ’03) Sunday, Early Childhood Education

Papa John’s reminds me of my days in the dorms and off campus. It was the staple for anyone who didn't make it to dinner at the cafe. I also remember fondly the different night of “cultural cuisine” in the lower part of the cafe that has since been discontinued. Chicken Night and Mexican Night were always the most popular.

Katy Easterday ’04,Education

Sausage sandwiches from Capri.

Brian Grignon ’04,Computer Information Science

Drover’s wings were totally worth the drive! Together with other graduate students we would make a trip just about every week to indulge in this spicy treat!

Kristy (Roemmich MA ’04) Linnhoff,MA Theology

Pierogies! Is there any room for debate? I think not! They couldn't serve ’em often enough. I was just reminiscing about Franciscan’s pierogies the other day! It's a fave topics when first meeting a fellow alum: “Man, remember those pierogies?” And how ‘bout that Nestlé hot chocolate? I also well remember stuffing pockets and backpacks with cookies (yum!) and running to class. And now, if we're talking Austria, of course there's Milka and Nutella—the sight of which will always mean FUS to me.

Helani Scurfield ’04, Theology

I worked in the cafe during my years there and tried pretty much everything we served. My favorite was when we had breakfast for dinner. I loved getting grilled stickies at Eat’n Park (I feel like a college kid every time I eat one!). Also, the State Line was a good, economical place to eat and was actually the site of my first date with the man I married.

Sarah (Asher ’04) Spellman, Early Childhood Education

My favorite food, to this day, was the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from the Pub. I do believe I used ALL my Pub points to eat that deliciously greasy breakfast delicacy at any time of the day. I haven't been able to find anyone around the country who makes one as tasty.

Cecily (Adams ‘05) Fink, Communication Arts

There is no question that my favorite dining experiences while at Franciscan involved cooking Sunday brunch with my friends nearly every week. I was the only one in our project house who would wake in time to attend the early Mass on Sunday morning. On my return, my roommates would be preparing to go to the 11 a.m. (or 12 p.m.) Mass. I would have the house to myself, so I would turn on my classical music and begin making a large brunch, which consisted of bacon, hash-browns, and eggs, with the occasional sweet cinnamon roll. If ever we decided to not have brunch together, I would run to the cafe to get in line for the Belgian waffles!

William Griffith ’07,Theology and Philosophy

My favorite food from my time at Franciscan is, hands down, Al's Diner. After Sunday morning Mass at Christ the King, there was always a mad dash to the cars followed by a street legal race to get to Al's before it filled up. My staple was the breakfast combo with two pancakes, two eggs over easy, and sausage links. It was the only thing I ever ordered there, and I always left completely satisfied. I have since tried to find a West Coast equivalent to the Midwest magic that was Al's Diner, but have been unsuccessful. Al's diner often comes up in conversations with my wife Cassandra (Cleaton) Kent ’07 especially on Sundays as we leave Mass. I firmly believe that there is no place in the world like Franciscan University...and there is no place in the world like Al's Diner.

Mike Kent ’07, Theology and Catechetics

Being an education major meant that many of my classes were at 8 a.m. or 6 p.m. I would not have graduated without Starbuck frappes. I remember once I had way too many, and I couldn't close my eyes. If anyone has seen Pirates of the Carribean 2, it was like when Jack had eyes painted on his eyelids. I was sitting in the J.C. and people kept coming up and talking to me because I looked awake, but I did not hear a word they said because my brain had shut down from caffeine and study overload.

Allison (Nester ’07) Long,Education

General Tso’s Chicken from Hong Kong Chinese Delivery. We would order that heavenly goodness every weekend when I was a freshman and sophomore...until they stopped delivering.

Sarah McManamon ’07,Mental Health and Human Services

I was pretty cheap during my college days and rarely bought the food different groups would sell for fundraisers on campus. However, there was an exception. The Madonna of the Streets Household made bonbons a couple times a year and I always bought them! These bonbons were by far the best food on campus! I could never get the recipe from the girls because I didn’t join the household. A couple of years ago I found a recipe online that I now make. I’m reminded of fun times eating bonbons with my friends: in the dorms talking about guys, in the J.C., watching a basketball game, outside in the grass working on our tan, or spending time in the library trying to make studying enjoyable.

Genae Danaher ’08 MBA ’09,Accounting

My household sister would cook buffalo chicken dip, and we’d all sit together around a single pot in her dorm room and devour it. Those were the days!

Elizabeth (Traill ’08) Spierdowis

n college, I had to learn to grocery shop for the first time. My friend advised me, “Shop on the outside of the store and you will live longer.” So I learned to love fresh beets, plain yogurt, and tilapia.

Audrey Joy Poulin ’09,Mental Health and Human Services

Hillsboro wings in Mingo Junction. They are amazing! I still go there almost any time I come back to campus.

William Selig ’09,Nursing

My favorite food while studying at Franciscan University was actually not on campus. My favorite food was the fettuccine alfredo served at Naples. I went there during a campus visit and immediately fell in love with it. I also have some fond memories of going to Zalenski's with friends on Wednesday nights for wings and karaoke. As for the food on campus, you could never go wrong with the food served at the Pub. Cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, wraps, it goes on and on! If I'm ever in the area again, I'd be sure to stop at all three places!

Joe Urbik ’09,Mental Health and Human Services

My favorite foods while living on campus were pizza from the cafe, especially cheese pizza, and the breakfast croissant sandwiches from the Pub. I also miss having the great salad bar always at my fingertips in the cafe!

Candice (Vandeven ’09) Warfield,Theology and Cathechetics

I can safely say that late-night burritos fueled my undergraduate degree efforts.

Aaron Seng ’10, MA ’12,Theology

My favorite cafeteria food during my days at Franciscan had to be, without a doubt, the shredded hashbrowns served during breakfast. Served with just the right amount of grease, and magnificent with ketchup, this staple of morning helped me start my day off right. I also liked the biscuits and gravy. Delectable yet simple, biscuits and gravy are superb with a touch of hot sauce and sure to please any early riser.

Zach Yonk ‘10,Communication Arts

Two words: Butch's omelets! I don't know if it was my ultimate favorite, but it's definitely in the top few, and it’s the meal I equate with college. It actually wasn't even an omelet, just two eggs over easy with sautéed vegetables and cheese sprinkled over top. It was heavenly. Despite long lines and early hours, Butch knew my name and my order, and all factors combined absolutely made my mornings.

Ruby Gross ’11,English

Pulled pork sandwiches and French toast sticks!

Alexander Johnnides ’11,Communication Arts

The aroma of Vocelli's pepperoni pizza always filled the first floor common room in Trinity Hall during movie nights with friends! My husband (Edmund Mitchell ’11) and I are still having withdrawals.

Danielle (Reinert ’11) Mitchell, Biology

That free pizza we got for hosting a come-and-seer is the food that screams “college dorm life” at me. It was the tastiest because we felt like we had done a good deed, it was free, and we shared it with friends, all hovering around the pizza box on the floor late into the night. Who could forget that deliciously unhealthy garlic butter in which we dipped the crust?

Yvonne Peredo ’11,Western and World Literature

During my time at Franciscan, my best days were when my friends and I decided to get takeout from Sesame Grill at the bottom of the hill. I'm not really sure how good the Chinese food actually is, but any time we were able to make the trip and skip the cafeteria was exciting. My meal of choice was sweet and sour chicken with pork fried rice.

Melanie (Ciarrone ’11) Shaniuk,English

A few of my household sisters and I developed a weird addiction to McDonald's sweet tea. Two to three times every week, usually after 9 p.m., we would buy the sweet tea (half sweet and half unsweet) and something from the Dollar Menu. This became our little routine, and everybody in the hall became aware of it.

Katherine Alvarado ’12,Theology

As a freshman, I began my love affair with syrup. The cafe breakfasts were my taste of heaven—and let me tell you, I indulged. I gained about 25 pounds and even gave up syrup for Lent that year.

Teresa Arredondo ’12,Theology and Catechetics

My favorite meal was Tuesday morning breakfast with Prince of Peace Household: biscuits and gravy after the 6:30 a.m. Mass.

Jim Fortin ’12, History

The hamburgers at the Pub.

Dan Norton MA ’12, MA Philosophy

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