• Germain Grisez

    Germain GrisezIn the fall of 2007 a graduate course was offered on the thought of Germain Grisez who then visited the class in November to discuss his work with students. Germain Grisez is a prominent Catholic philosopher and theologian who received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago where he studied with the famous medieval scholar Richard McKeon. He taught at Georgetown University and since 1978 has been the Flynn Professor of Christian Ethics at Mount Saint Maryís University, Emmitsburg, Maryland.

    Germain Grisez introduced a new refined theory of natural law based upon an understanding of basic human goods using the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. He has written extensively in the area of ethics and bioethics, and his work accounts for the renewal of natural law theory in the last twenty-five years. He is the past president of the American Catholic Philosophical Association and in 2005 received the Paul Ramsey Award. Germain Grisezís scholarly contribution to philosophy, theology and bioethics is extensive. His Magnum Opus is a three volume work entitled The Way of the Lord Jesus. Some of his other books include:

    • Contraception and the Natural Law
    • Beyond the New Morality
    • God? Philosophical Preface to Faith
    • Life and Death with Liberty and Justice
    • Beyond the New Theism
    • Abortion: The Myths, the Realities and the Arguments