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    Preparation for a Lifetime of Sharing God's Truth

    HahnThe Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry Program immerses you in Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and magisterial teaching, giving you a deeply challenging and authentically Catholic theological education.

    The Church needs men and women steeped in Catholic theology and passionate about passing it along. We established our graduate theology program 30 years ago, and today it is one of the most respected and sought-after programs in the country.

    The MA program provides students with a solid, graduate-level foundation in Catholic theology that will enable them to serve effectively in a variety of fields of ministry, or to pursue further gradu­ate studies in theology. Students who wish to serve in the catechetical fields are encouraged to complete the Specialization in Catechetics, and those who wish to pursue further graduate study are encouraged to apply for admission to the Research Intensive Track of the Master’s program.

    Perhaps the strongest asset of our program is our internationally renowned faculty. Our scholars are fully committed to teaching the truth of the Catholic faith as it is found in the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. All of our professors have taken the Oath of Fidelity to the magisterium, pledging to teach and live in a way that expresses full communion with the Catholic Church. Franciscan University is also one of only 30 U.S. Catholic universities whose theology faculty have met canon law requirements for the "mandatum"—recognition by the bishop of a theologian's pledge to teach in communion with the magisterium of the Church.

    Catechetics Specialization

    Learning the faith is not enough for some people--they also want to know how to effectively and compellingly pass it on. The Catechetics Specialization provides students with practical knowledge and experience in pedagogical techniques to prepare them for teaching positions in parish, diocesan, or other educational settings. Student who complete the Specialization receive a Catechetics Certificate in addition to their degree.

    St. Francis heard the call, "Go, rebuild my Church." This track of study will help you respond to that same call. For more information, please consult the Graduate Catalog.

    Research Intensive Track

    The Research Intensive Track is designed to form students specifically in those skills necessary for graduate study at the doctoral level. This Track requires reading competence in two foreign languages and offers students additional opportunities for research. Coursework in the Track strikes a balance between broad formation in the basic theological disciplines and specialization in one of these disciplines in view of further study. For more information please see the Graduate Catalog.

    For more information contact our Graduate Admissions Office.

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