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    Sharing The Liberating Truths of God

    Franciscan University's mission is to prepare men and women like you to become leaders in our society and the Church. In accord with that mission, the Theology Department offers you the chance to receive professional training in catechetics. This training rounds out an MA in Theology and Christian Ministry by providing you with practical knowledge and experience in passing on the faith to others. If you are considering teaching in a parish, diocesan, or other educational setting, you will find this program invaluable.

    To receive the certification in catechetics, you must complete the program in conjunction with the M.A. Theology degree. To qualify, you will need to accumulate 42 total credit hours. This includes the four foundation courses and four elective courses required for the MA degree, plus six additional courses in catechetics. You will also need to give an exit presentation on an aspect of the catechetical endeavor during your final semester in the program.

    St. Francis heard the call, "Go, rebuild my Church." This track of study will help you respond to that same call.

    Recent graduates have said...

    I came to Franciscan to study theology, not knowing anything about catechetics. As a recent convert from Evangelicalism, I was thirsting for a greater grasp of the riches of the Catholic faith, and training in how to transmit this treasure to others. After taking a catechetics course out of curiosity, and deciding to specialize in catechetics, I found what I was looking for: a coherent understanding of the deposit of faith, and the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching it in 'all its rigor and vigor,' for the purpose of leading others to intimacy with Jesus Christ. As I work in the field, I continue to realize, in increasing measure, the value of my catechetics training which has equipped me so well for the thrilling work of catechizing and training catechists.

    Kyle Neilson, MA '05
    RCIA and Adult Faith Formation Consultant
    Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Vancouver, Canada

    I know there is no way I could be doing this job successfully without the grace of the Holy Spirit and the catechetics specialization. This specialization has given me the tools I need to build successful programs and to foster relationships in this field. It has helped me to grow closer to Christ and to facilitate others to grow closer to Him through encountering Him in the truths of the Catholic Church. I could not recommend this specialization highly enough.

    Susan Smith, MA '06
    Director of Religious Education
    Diocese of West Palm Beach

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