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  • Legal Studies Minor

    Department Mission Statement

    The Department of Political Science answers the call given by the Church of articulating a true understanding of the integration of faith, reason, and culture. The study of political life and more broadly of social, economic, legal, cultural, scientific, and human life questions, which is done in the Department’s programs, proceeds from a Catholic understanding of the human person, his social relationships, the natural law that governs his conduct and his final end in God.


    The Legal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic minor that gives students an introduction to the law and legal research. It can help prepare those bound for law school by introducing them to the different fields of law and the basics of doing legal research and writing. Additionally, it provides liberal arts students with a basic understanding of this critical area of social life that connects with and helps shape so many of man's other endeavors in community. The program, which stresses that human law must be grounded in natural law, can help students to be effective advocates for justice and truth in the public square.

    Required Coursework

    The Legal Studies minor must take the following required courses:

    • LST 102 - Legal Research, Writing, and Ethics
    • LST 201 - Survey of American Law I
    • LST 202 - Survey of American Law II


    In addition to the required courses, the Legal Studies minor must take any three of the following courses:

    • BUS 205 - Business Law I
    • BUS 206 - Business Law II
    • BUS 350 - International Business
    • COM 423 - Mass Media Law
    • HLS 301 - Human Life Studies III: Life Issues and the Law
    • LST 301 - Natural Law (cross-listed as Political Science 301)
    • LST 303 - History of Law
    • LST 404 - Law and Economics (cross-listed with ECO 404)
    • LST 407 - Internship
    • LST 408 - Selected Themes in Legal Studies
    • POL 220 - American National Government
    • POL 337 - International Law and Organizations
    • POL 358 - American Constitutional Law
    • POL 365 - The American Judiciary
    • POL 380 - Selected Themes in Constitutional Law
    • SOC 205 - Criminology and Penology
    • SOC 410 - Juvenile Delinquency

    These electives deal with aspects of the law specific to the subject area of the courses. Some courses are not offered every year. Students should check with the Legal Studies Program director for scheduling assistance.

    Pre-Law Advising Program

    Through the Pre-Law Advising Program advice and counseling is available for students contemplating application to law school. For information about this program contact Prof. James M. Hostetler at

  • Legal Studies Outcomes

Academically Excellent Passionately Catholic

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