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    Mission trips across the U.S. and throughout the Western Hemisphere

    "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."

    Missions of Peace, a student outreach of Franciscan University, sponsors domestic and international mission trips during breaks. Students generously share their time and talent while on mission through various service outreaches—youth ministries, chastity presentations, prayer services, home improvement projects, village ministries, medical outreaches, and other apostolic endeavors.

    Through those activities, but also through their personal witness of the love of Christ, students seek to be instruments of the Lord in promoting the culture of life. These missionary efforts are one way the university lives out the mandate of Ex Corde Ecclesiae that Catholic universities serve as “a living institutional witness to Christ and his message.”

    The trips are organized, planned, and funded by the students themselves, but they must be approved by the director of Missionary Outreach in order to advertise, fund raise, or operate on campus.

  • Missions of Peace at Franciscan University of Steubenville

  • 2014-2015 Mission Trips


    Christmas Mission Trip


    This mission focuses on ministering to people of all ages through various types of evangelization. The team is of service to the Bishop of the local diocese and works with him in providing services to the people.

    Email us at: JamaicaMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Jamaica

  • Summer Mission

    Steubenville - Summer 

    This mission focuses on bringing the Light of Christ into the downtown areas of Steubenville through: door-to-door evangelization, street ministry, soup kitchen, homeless ministry and various service projects.

    Email us at: SteubenvilleSummerMission@franciscan.edu  

    Ecuador Summer Spanish Immersion Program

    The goal of the summer program is to provide FUS students a full immersion experience where they can learn Spanish and be placed in either a hospital, special needs school or parish internship to share their faith with those they will be serving. Located in Quito, Ecuador we will be staying at Portiuncula Foundation Retreat Center for a six week program - June 14, 2014 – July 26, 2014. If you would like to know more about this program or to apply contact Rhett Young at ryoung@franciscan.edu 

  • Spring Mission Trips


    This mission focuses on working in a Catholic school just inside the US border with the Hispanic students who cross the border each day to attend , and with the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.

    Email us at: ArizonaMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Arizona

  • Belize

    This mission focuses on bringing Christ to students in middle and high schools of villages and cities. The ministry includes teaching the students how to live out their faith, how to practice chastity and how to build each other up as the body of Christ.

    Email us at: BelizeMission@franciscan.edu  

  • New York City Mission

    This mission focuses on ministry in the inner city. This includes work in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and working with many different orders in the city sharing the Joy of the Gospel.

    Email us at: BronxMission@franciscan.edu  

  • The Bronx

  • Chicago

    This mission focuses on working with homeless men in their struggle with addictions. This work is done through Emmaus Ministries in the inner city.

    Email us at: ChicagoMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Ecuador

    This mission focuses on caring for the whole person by bringing the sacraments and basic medical care to rural Ecuadorian communities.

    Email us at: EcuadorMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Ecuador

  • Honduras

    This mission focuses on bringing Christ to the poorest of the poor in Honduras through the sacraments, prayer, music, and ministering to children and families.

    Email us at: HondurasMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Honduras

  • New Mexico

    This mission focuses on ministering to the Navajo and other people in the area. Work is done at Gallup Catholic Grade School and High School and St. Michael's Special Education.

    Email us at: NewMexicoMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Nicaragua

    This mission focuses on Theology of the Body and working with orphans and the poorest of the poor.

    Email us at: NicaraguaMission@franciscan.edu  

  • North Dakota

    This mission focuses on ministering to the Chippewa Indians on Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. The ministry includes retreats, work in the schools, door-to-door ministry, jail ministry, etc.

    Email us at: NorthDakotaMission@franciscan.edu  

  • San Diego

    This mission focuses on uniting all to Christ through retreat ministry to junior high and high school students.

    Email us at: SanDiegoMission@franciscan.edu  

  • San Diego

  • Son Life (Panama City, Florida) - Spring

    This is a Spring Break evangelization trip to the beaches of Panama City, Florida bringing Christ's Word to other college students, the marginalized, and to non-believers.

    Email us at: SonLifeMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Son Life (Panama City, Florida)

  • Steubenville - Spring

    This mission focuses on bringing the Light of Christ into the downtown areas of Steubenville through: door-to-door evangelization, street ministry, soup kitchen, homeless ministry and various service projects.

    Email us at: SteubenvilleSpringMission@franciscan.edu  

  • Steubenville

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