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  • Bioinformatics Opens New Careers for FUS Students

    The program crosses disciplines between computer science and biology.

    September 05, 2013

    STEUBENVILLE, OH—According to, bioinformatics is creating new career opportunities for biologists, engineers, chemists, mathematicians, and computer programmers. To meet the needs of this expanding field, Franciscan University of Steubenville recently announced a new Certificate Program in Bioinformatics, which uses computer databases to solve biological problems. Direct applications of bioinformatics include drug design, pharmaceuticals, forensic analysis, and plant genome research.

    This interdisciplinary program will allow biology and computer science majors to pursue careers in graduate schools that involve bioinformatics.

    “This provides a practical option for a number of students who are either interested in biology or computer science, or both,” says Dr. John Perozich, Franciscan University biology professor and initiator of the certificate program. “It’s one of the most rapidly developing fields of biomedical research; people with bioinformatics knowledge will be in high demand in the decades ahead.”

    Perozich has been involved in bioinformatics research for the past 18 years, and has led student research projects in bioinformatics over the last 7 years. Recently, his students presented bioinformatics posters at science conferences, including the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference.

    To earn the certificate, biology majors seeking a bachelor of arts take 12 credit hours in addition to their typical course schedules; biology majors seeking a bachelor of science take six additional credit hours. Computer science majors take an additional 11 credit hours, and one additional hour would qualify them for a biology minor.

    The program includes classes in biology, computer science, mathematics, and a small research component.

    For more information about Franciscan University’s Certificate Program in Bioinformatics, please contact Dr. John Perozich at

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