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Background courses

Ideally, students entering the program should have a bachelor’s degree in theology or religious studies from an accredited college or university. However, students respond to God's call to serve the Church from many different backgrounds, and thus may enter the program without this training in theology. A student with a bachelor’s degree in some other field of study may apply for conditional admission to the Distance Learning M.A. Theology degree program. Additional undergraduate theology and philosophy courses will be required for that student's individual academic program. The undergraduate theology background courses offered through Distance Learning are cross-listed for graduate participants as follows:

  • THE 515 Christian Moral Principles (Moral Theology)
  • THE 511 Principles of Biblical Study I (Old Testament)
  • THE 512 Principles of Biblical Study II (New Testament)
  • THE 513 Theology of Christ (Christology)
  • THE 514 Theology of the Church (Ecclesiology)
  • THE 516 Sacraments (Sacramental Theology)

Along with the theology background courses, the student should have six (6) undergraduate credit hours in philosophy. The topics to be covered should consist of two of the following courses:

  • PHL 503 Philosophy of the Human Person (available through Distance Learning)
  • PHL 511 Metaphysics (available through Distance Learning)
  • PHL 512 Foundations of Ethics (offered on campus)
  • PHL 526 Epistemology (offered on campus)

Candidates who have not completed these courses are invited to apply for admission, however, their program would be more extensive due to the addition of courses intended to make up for their insufficient background in theology and philosophy. This undergraduate background may also be fulfilled if you have taken courses comparable to those listed above from other accredited colleges or universities before applying to the MA program. Courses must appear on an official transcript showing a grade earned. Life experience cannot be substituted for these requirements. A transcript evaluation will take place during the application process and the results will be included with the acceptance letter.

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