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Foundation Courses for the MA in Theology through Distance Learning

  • THE 601 - Biblical Foundations, taught by Dr. Andrew Minto, examines three areas of importance in biblical studies. First, we will cover the Church pronouncements dealing with Scripture study. Second, we will examine the philosophical presuppositions that form the underpinnings of modern exegesis. Finally, we will study what the Church means by interpreting Scripture "in the Spirit" or understanding the Spiritual sense. THE 512 Principles of Biblical Studies II or other New Testament Scripture course should be completed prior to taking this course.
  • THE 602 - Theological Foundations, by Dr. Scott Hahn, approaches theology as a service to the Christian people, enabling them fully to understand their faith in each successive stage. Thus, emphasis is placed on how the insights of theology can assist in individual and communal spiritual growth and in the renewal of the Church. Some philosophical background to theological study will be presented. THE 601 Biblical Foundations is the suggested prerequisite for this course.
  • THE 603 - Historical Foundations, by Dr. Alan Schreck, presents an overview of the history of Christianity and provides a better understanding of our Catholic heritage. According to Dr. Schreck, "this course will familiarize the student with many of the significant figures, movements, and controversies that have emerged in the history of Christianity. I hope to show how God has always been present to direct and guide his people, in spite of our sins, weaknesses, and failures." This course begins with the Early Church and ends with the mid-20th century.
  • THE 604 - Teachings of Vatican II, by Dr. Alan Schreck, examines the history and importance of ecumenical Councils, the historical and theological background of the Second Vatican Council, and, most importantly, the meaning and application of the Council's teachings in the Church today. The teachings of the Second Vatican council constitute the modern basis for Roman Catholics' understanding of the Church and its renewal.
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