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A Legal Challenge.

A Divine Duty.

The laws of man organize socieities and facilitate the pursuit of the common good. That common good can never conflict with the laws of God--the God who created us for the freedom of truth and charity and wrote the "natural law" on the human heart. Our Christian natural law tradition is the foundation of Western civilization, and only those informed by this tradition can well serve the common good.

Those in the legal profession have a solemn duty to learn and understand the natural law tradition. They must understand what justice demands of human persons in relation to one another and to the society as a whole. Without such a foundation, law can become a tool to control and oppress rather than a guideline for how to live a good, upright, and prosperous life.

Legal Studies with the heart of the Church

Our pre-law program excels in this area. The entirety of the Franciscan University experience--from the classroom to the residence hall common room to the athletic field--is dedicated to forming you to know, love, and live the liberating truths of God.

While we feature a Legal Studies major program, the pre-law program allows students aspiring to law school to major in any of our academic programs without missing out on classes and opportunities critical for law school applications

Classroom instruction will give you practical insights into how the American legal system works and how it evolved to its current state. Our students acquire the skills law schools look for in their applicants--strong verbal and written skills, analytical reasoning skills, and a critical understanding of the human institutions and moral principles with which the law deals.

To find out more about our pre-law program or to come visit our campus get in touch with an Admissions counselor today!

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