• Keeping your records straight

    You've got a lot going on while here at Franciscan University. The Registrar's Office is here to maintain your academic records and assist as you move through your academic career at Franciscan University. We provide enrollment verifications, veterans information, and transcripts for future jobs and graduate school applications. We also handle class registration, transfer credits, and monitor degree progress and completion.

    Keep your records up-to-date

    We need your help keeping track of everything! Please remember to let us know whenever your personal information changes so that we always have the most up-to-date contact information for you.

    Registrar Services

    While still attending Franciscan University and after you've left your studies here, the registrar's office is ready and willing to fulfill various requests you may have concerning your academic records.

    Update Your Academic Records

    At the registrar's office we keep track of your permanent address and all kinds of personal information. In order for us to better serve you now and in the future we need you to help us by keeping us informed of changes in your personal informaiton -- things like name and permanent address changes.

    Registrar Policies

    We conduct our business according to certain policies that protect your privacy and guarantee that all are treated equally.