Government Housing | Franciscan University of Steubenville
  • Questions To Ask A Potential Landlord

    1. Location

      1. What neighborhood is the rental located in?
      2. Distance from the University
    2. Safety

      1. Has there ever been a break-in the past?
      2. What are the neighbors like? Quiet? Noisy?
      3. Do you live nearby?
      4. Is the street well lit at night?
      5. Does the house have secure locks on all the doors and windows?
    3. Condition of Property

      1. What utilities are included in the rent?
      2. What appliances does the landlord supply?
      3. If washer and dryer are not already there, is there a hook-up for them available?
      4. Is the rental furnished? What is the condition of the furniture available?
      5. What type of insulation and weather proofing does the unit have?
        (Check for storm windows, weather stripping, wall and attic insulation.)
      6. What kind of heating does the unit have? What is the condition of the water heater? If the water heater is in and unheated area of the house, such as the basement, be sure the water heater itself and the pipes are insulated.
      7. What are the approximate costs of the utilities per month? You can also get an estimate of these from the Utility companies.
    4. Other Helpful Hints

      1. Check the Landlord Complaint File at the Student Life Office to see if students have filed a complaint against your potential landlord in the past year.
      2. For legal advice, call Southeastern Ohio Legal Services at 740-283-4781.
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