• Temporary Accommodations and Services

    Student Academic Support Service (SASS) offers a wide variety of legally mandated services to students with temporary documented disabilities. Services are extended to students with temporary disabilities only for the duration of their functional limitations associated with their disability. The eligibility process is the same as for permanent disability cases. After reviewing your documentation, the Director of SASS will determine appropriate academic services and accommodations depending upon how you are limited in the academic setting. SASS will work with you in accessing the accommodations for which you are eligible. You will be given eligibility letters for your instructors outlining the requested accommodations that have been approved.

    Examples of temporary disabilities:

    • Broken hand or arm with which you write
    • Broken leg or foot which impedes mobility
    • Complications of medical treatment
    • Short-term medical conditions
    • Surgical procedure

    SASS and Franciscan University of Steubenville DO NOT provide personal assistance or devices to students with temporary disabilities such as building-to building transportation, carrying of books/personal items, or providing of mobility devices (wheelchairs or scooters).