Student Work Opportunity Program (SWOP)

Student Worker

Whether students receive Federal Work-Study Assistance as part of their financial aid or not, Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Student Work Opportunity Program supports the integration of students into the University’s intellectual and faith community by providing work opportunities that:

  • complement and support academic learning,
  • encourage growth in maturity and personal development,
  • teach transferable workplace and career skills,
  • and provide students with financial assistance.

These work opportunities play an integral and essential role in the daily operation of many University departments and are always in accord with the University’s commitment to good stewardship.

Instructions for New Students

SWOP Student Handbook

SWOP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

SWOP Positions

For current jobs please check out our Current SWOP Openings

See a listing of all SWOP positons on campus here

Student positions are available in almost every University department. From student receptionists and office assistants, to custodial and grounds workers, to bookstore cashiers and intramural referees, over 800 students are employed in over 160 different on-campus positions every semester. Check out the wage ladder and listing of positions.

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