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    In every battle there are people on the front lines who provide immediate, life-saving help to those most in need.

    And in the battles currently being waged in the culture—battles against poverty, abuse, addiction, oppression, and the breakdown of the family—those people on the frontlines are social workers.

    As in any battle, the work is difficult, and the rewards, at times, can be hard to see. But that only makes the work all the more important, all the more necessary. God is calling people to the front lines in the battle for human dignity, asking them to step up and fill this great and growing need in our culture. The question you need to answer is, “Is He calling me?”

    If the answer to that question is yes, you should consider majoring in social work at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

    As a social work major in the department of Psychology, Mental Health, Social Work, and Sociology at Franciscan University, you’ll learn how to help men and women help themselves despite the pressures of their environment. You’ll learn how to provide services to those most in need, as well as to communicate with them, counsel them, and help them make good decisions. You’ll come to understand what communities can do to help those in difficult circumstances, and you’ll receive a thorough education in the policies, rules, and regulations governing the practice of social work.

    Because Franciscan University is a Catholic university, committed to respecting the dignity of each individual, individuals made in the image of God, you will also become familiar with the Church’s social teaching—what it has to say about what government programs, community agencies, and medical science and technology should and should not do. You’ll also come to understand more about the Church’s call to those who profess faith in Christ, a call to serve and care for others.

    And because Franciscan’s Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, you know you’ll be receiving an education that meets the highest of professional standards and will prepare you for work in your field.

    To graduate with a bachelor of science in social work from Franciscan University, you will need to complete 51 credit hours of course work in social work (including a 3-credit -hour senior capstone project), 3 credit hours in sociology, 6 credit hours in psychology, 6 credit hours in anatomy, 6 credit hours in philosophy, 3 credit hours in economics, and at least 12 credits in theology.

    Your classes as a social work major will cover topics such as: current social work policies, programs and procedures; issues of social justice; working with children and the elderly; dealing with deviant behavior; death and dying; the impact families and communities have on human behavior; and many more.

    During your senior year you will also be required to work in settings such as family and child services, women’s shelters, school systems, or mental health systems. Under the guidance of an agency supervisor and the field liaision, you’ll see how theory and reality come together in the practice of social work. Four hundred hours of field practicum are required for completion of the degree.

    By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to communicate with and care for people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. You’ll understand the various ways social workers provide care and can best meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities who need their help. You’ll also be prepared to take the state licensure exam wherever you go after graduation and where state laws allow.

    Sample Program | Course Descriptions

    First Semester Second Semester
    Intro to Sociology Introduction to Social Work
    Survey of Biological Science Biology Elective
    General Psychology Philosophy of the Human Person
    Foundations of Catholicism Catholic Traditions in Fine Arts Core
    History Core Literature Core
    First Semester Second Semester
    Race and Minority Social Welfare Policy & Services I
    Principles of Economics I Human Behavior & Social Environment I
    Finite Math Psychological Statistics
    Foundations of Ethics Christian Moral Principles
    Elective Scripture & Tradition or Metaphysics
    First Semester Second Semester
    Generalist Practice I Generalist Practice II
    Social Work Research Social Work Elective
    Soc Welfare Policy & Service II Christian Marriage
    Human Behvr & Social Envnt I Sexual & Med Morality
    Social Work Elective American National Governt
    First Semester Second Semester
    Generalist Practice III Field Practicum II
    Field Practicum I Social Work Elective
    Social Work Elective Senior Capstone
    Elective Elective
    Elective Elective

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