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Beyond our quality, challenging major programs of study, Franciscan University offers a number of avenues for more intense studies and deeper investigation into the issues of the day and the great heritage of Western Civilization.

The Center for Bioethics at Franciscan University sponsors conferences and speaking engagements, and offers a course of study in conjunction with the Graduate Degree in Philosophy Program.

Beyond this, students seeking to augment their studies and prepare for various post-graduate programs can choose from among several additional programs.

The Honors Program

Our classic Great Books Honors Program is a fantastic option for students wishing to pursue the theology or literature degree programs and others. It takes students on a thorough and insightful journey through intense study of the works of such writers as Homer, Plato, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bonaventure, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Jefferson, Kant, Marx, John Paul II, and more. Those accepted into the Honors Program have demonstrated academic success throughout their previous high school studies and are admitted based on a solid B+ grade average and strong standardized test scores. Each student then completes 32 hours of Honors seminars, which also satisfy all humanities and social science course requirements and four out of five courses from the communications core.

Pre-Professional Programs

A number of pre-professional programs are also available, including several pre-medicine programs. Our pre-medicine programs include dentistry, optometry, general medicine, pharmaceuticals, and physical therapy. Each of these place emphasis on developing the ability to think well on your feet, listen with care, communicate with compassion, and make ethical decisions, firmly grounded in a Catholic moral framework that values the dignity of every human life.

Franciscan University also offers a nationally known Priestly Discernment Program. This program, which helps men discern if God is calling them to the Catholic priesthood or religious life, focuses on human, academic, spiritual, pastoral, and fraternal formation.

Summer Programs

Two summer special programs, Creative Cornerstones and the Summer Ancient and Biblical Languages Institute, round out our exceptional offerings of programs that take our already exceptional academics to the next level.

The Creative Cornerstones conference, ideal for those in the Educational Leadership Graduate Degree Program, is a specialized five-day conference for teachers of Pre-K to 6th grade. The conference provides high-level training for educators as well as three graduate-level credits. The conference is given on three separate occasions throughout the summer for participants to attend.

The Summer Ancient and Biblical Languages Institute gives students a chance to truly immerse themselves in ancient texts written in the original language. As a valuable addition to the Classics Bachelor's Degree Program, for example, participants study Latin, Ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew in ten- and five-week programs. Both Intensive Latin and Intensive Greek courses teach pupils to read ancient works, while Biblical Hebrew is an introductory Hebrew language course. Students taking all three courses have the potential to earn twelve academic credits.

To learn more about these programs and others, take a look at the list of links below for additional information.

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