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  • Alcohol Policy

    Use of Alcohol

    It is illegal in the State of Ohio and against University policy for any student under 21 years of age, to consume, possess or to provide to another person under 21 any alcoholic beverage. In limited circumstances, persons 21 years of age and older may consume alcohol on University property, but in no circumstances may any person furnish alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. Any violation of this Policy on Alcohol is subject to sanctions as described in the Code of Student Conduct. Violators of this Policy may also be subject to prosecution under local or state laws.

    Guest and visitors may not consume or possess alcohol in the residence halls if their host (resident) is under the age of 21. For additional information regarding the use of alcohol in the Residence Halls, see “Residence Life Policies and Practices” in the Student Handbook.

    As a general rule, alcohol may not be consumed outdoors on University property or in any indoor locations other than The Pub/Jazzman’s dining area (J.C. Williams Center) and residence hall rooms. Exceptions may be granted by the Assistant Vice President of Student Life for consumption of alcohol in other locations for special, one-time events (see “Alcohol at Events” below). Open containers of alcohol may never be transported from the facility in which they were served.

    Alcohol at Events

    Any event sponsored by a student club, household, athletic team, other organization, or any group of students must receive prior approval from the assistant vice president of Student Life to serve alcohol. The sponsoring organization must complete an Alcohol at Event form, which can be obtained at the J.C. Williams Center Information Center or in the Student Life office. As a general rule, alcohol may not be served at any fundraising event that is conducted off-campus. For all on-campus events, alcohol must be purchased through and served by Sodexo Campus Services.

    The University requires the presence of a full-time faculty/staff member at any student event where alcohol is available. The faculty/staff member must be present during the entire event and will assist the event sponsors in monitoring the event and reporting any disciplinary issues. The sponsoring organization must submit the name of the faculty/staff member to the assistant vice president of Student Life no later than one week before the event. A part-time faculty/staff member may be considered in certain circumstances.

    The sponsoring organization must appoint a student supervisor for an event that includes alcohol. The supervisor must be 21 years of age or older and currently enrolled at Franciscan University in good academic and disciplinary standing. The president/coordinator of the sponsoring organization may, but is not required to, serve as the supervisor.

    The Supervisor is responsible to:

    • Manage all advertising for the event in compliance with this policy (see “Advertising for Events”).
    • Arrange for non-alcoholic beverages to be prominently displayed and served.
    • Arrange for snacks to be available during the event.
    • Be present at all times during the event.
    • Refrain from consuming any alcohol at the event.
    • Take adequate measures to confirm the identification and age of those wishing to drink, including the use of information provided by the University to confirm dates of birth.
    • Take responsible steps so that no person who is under the age of 21 is served or consumes alcohol.
    • Take responsible steps so that no person who is intoxicated is served or consumes alcohol.

    The Supervisor and the president/coordinator are responsible to fulfill the above responsibilities even if the event is taking place at an off-campus facility where non-University personnel are responsible for selling and/or serving the alcohol.

    Ohio Law has conditions under which organizations and bartenders can be held liable for failing to limit alcoholic consumption to minors or to individuals who are ultimately the cause of traffic accidents or injury.

    For off-campus events, arrangements for the purchase and serving of alcohol must be approved by the assistant vice president of Student Life.

    Advertising for Events or Establishments Where Alcohol Will Be Served

    • Advertisements for events or establishments where alcohol will be served may not focus primarily on the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages.
    • Postings that advertise establishments or events where alcohol may be purchased or served must contain the following disclaimer: "Must be 21 years or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.”
    • All advertisements for events or establishments where alcohol will be served must be approved by the assistant vice president of Student Life prior to posting.

    Violation of the above guidelines will result in disciplinary sanctions for the individual(s) involved, the supervisor, the officers of the organization, and the organization itself.

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