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Bulletin for the week of October 19, 2014

Regular Mass and Confession Schedule

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This week's readings

  •  19 Sun: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time—Is 45:1,4-6/1 Thes 1:1-5b/Mt 22:15-21.
  • 20 Mon: Weekday —Eph 2:1-10/Lk 12:13-21.
  • 21 Tues: Weekday —Eph 2:12-22/Lk 12:35-38. 
  • 22 Wed: Weekday or St. John Paul II, Pope or Bl. Josephine Leroux, Virgin and Martyr, Poor Clare—Eph 3:2-12/Lk 12:39-48
  • 23 Thurs: St. John of Capistrano, Friar Priest— Eph 3:14-21/Lk 12:49-53
  • 24  Fri: Weekday or St. Anthony Mary Claret, Bishop or St. Anthony of St. Anna Galvao, Friar Priest
  • —Eph 4:1-6/Lk 12:54-59
  •  25 Sat: Weekday- Eph 4:7-16/Lk 13:1-9 26 Sun: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time—Ex 22:20-26/ 1 Thes 1:5c-10/ Mt 22:34-40.

Evangelistic Outreach Event

  • Weekly Praise and Worship will held on Tuesday,October 21 at 9:00 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.
  • Festival of Praise will be held on Saturday,November 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

Solemn Vespers & Benediction

Solemn Vespers and Benediction will be held on Sunday, October 26 at 7:00 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

Special Masses

The Spanish Mass will be held on Thursday, November 13 at 4:45 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Latin Extraordinary Form - Low Mass will be held on November 8 at Noon in Christ the King Chapel.

The Novus Ordo Latin Mass will be held on Tuesday, October 28 at 4:45 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Latin Extraordinary Form - High Mass will be held on Sunday, October 26 at 4 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Athletic Commissioning Mass will be held on Sunday October 26 at 12:30 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

World Mission Sunday

Sunday October 19, 2014

Organized by the Propogation of the Faith, is a day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church's missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice.

Annually, World Mission Sunday is celebrated on the next-to-last Sunday in October. As described by Pope John Paul II, World Mission Sunday is "an important day in the life of the Church because it teaches how to give: as an offering made to God, in the Eucharistic celebration and for all the missions of the world" (see Redemptoris Missio 81)

Pope John Paul II has also spoken of the Propogation of the Faith's General Fund of support, calling this a "central fund of solidarity." In a message delivered on a recent World Mission Sunday, the Pope said:"The offerings that will be collected [on World Mission Sunday] are destined for a common fund of solidarity distributed, in the Pope's name, by the Society for the Propagation of Faith among the missions and missionaries of the entire world."

Every year the needs of the Catholic Church in the Missions grow- as new dioceses are formed, as new seminaries are opened because of the growing number of young men, hearing Christ's call to follow Him as priests, as areas devastated by war or natural disaster are rebuilt, and as other areas, long suppressed are opening up to hear the message of Christ and His Church. That is why the involvement and commitment of Catholics from around the world is so urgently needed.

Read Pope Francis Message:

Speakers on Campus

Distinguished Speaker Series

Presenter- Fr. Paul Check, Talk: "Charity and Clarity: The Catholic Church and Homosexuality", Date: Tuesday October 21, Time: 7:30 p.m, Location: Gentile Gallery/J.C. Williams Center

Presenter- Dr. Roger Scruton, Talk: "Beauty and Desecration", Date: Friday October 24, Time: 4:00 p.m., Location: Gentile Gallery/J.C. Williams Center

Adoration in the Portiuncula

Just a reminder that if we have committed ourselves to a weekly time slot, that commitment should be considered a scared one that should not be taken lightly. Should anyone for any reason, not be able to make his or her time commitment they should make every effort to find their replacement. In that way we will be faithful to the prayer time we have promised to the Lord. A sign in book has been provided in the rear of the Portiuncula, upon your arrival you must sign in by your name and designated time.

Creighton Fertility Care

The Creighton Fertility Care Introductory Session is on Thursday October 16th 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Engaged, married, and single women are welcome. Please call Mary Nelson, CFCP at 740-944-1337, or Stephanie L.S. Rivers, BA, FCP at 740-944-1276 for reservations and location.

Marriage Prep Program

Any engaged couple interested in participating in the Fall Marriage Preparation Program please stop in or contact Pam Salatino at the Chapel Office at 740-283-6276.

The components of the program include:

*Pre- Marriage Inventory: administered by Fr. Shawn Roberson, TOR. This is an on-line program that upon completion, Fr. Shawn will review the results with every couple.

*Pre-Cana Preparation: Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend: November 21-24, 2014 at the Gilmary Retreat Center in Corapolis, PA.

*Natural Family Planning (NFP) Seminars: Stop in the chapel office for a copy of the NFP choices and dates.


From the University Chaplain

Wordsare much more than a few letters pieced together to form a concept.  They are our principal means ofcommunication.  Words can comfort ordistress, build up or tear down, curse or bless.  They are extremely powerful tools that weneed to use with care, with sensitivity and with awareness that our words canmake a difference.  But when spoken withlove, words can be positive and fulfilling.

Our words, spoken in love, often can help us to bringpositive change into the life of another. When we speak with love our words comfort and do not cut, they help anddo not hinder, they heal and do not harass, they inspire and not injure, andthey always reflect our own state of heart. God gave us speech to communicate for the good of all.  That loving speech can express itself in manydifference ways.  First of all we can getinto the habit of praising others for their good works, but especially God forall that he has done and continues to do for us.  Our uplifting words can be extremelybeneficial to the person to whom they are directed reminding them that they areappreciated.  Sincere and loving praisecan be a rich nourishment for the development of a strong and healthy self-worth.

How often have we felt discouraged for one reason oranother, and all it took to deliver us from that state of mind was theenthusiastic encouragement of a friend? When we encourage others we build, we fuel their perseverance and helpthem fulfill their potential.   

 It seems that one of the most difficult things for peopleto say is “thank you”.  Saying “thankyou” indicates a heart that is sensitive and aware of the many gifts God hasgiven us and the ways those gifts manifest themselves in our daily lives.  We need to constantly express in words ourthanks to family, friends, fellow workers and students and especially to GodHimself.

We must also cultivate the ability to apologize.  When we tell another person “I am sorry”, weare attempting to undo a wrong that we have committed.  To say “I am sorry” requires humility, aquality that Christ often stressed and one which he valued very highly.  In Luke 18:14 Christ tell us that, “Everyonewho exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will beexalted.”

 Finally our loving words must always express awillingness to forgive, to give up anger and resentment against someone who mayhave wronged us.  To say “I forgive you”is to free oneself from the shackles of holding a grudge that weighs on themind and burdens the soul.  Forgivenessis never a sign of weakness because one must be strong to be able toforgive.  We must always look to Christ,who is our ultimate model for the necessary strength and patience to forgive.  Let us forgive one another as the Lord hasforgiven us. (Col. 3:13).

While words are often a commentary on others, they alsoreveal a great deal about who we are as individuals.  Do our words say that we are an optimist or apessimist, a doer or a procrastinator, an encourager or a discourager, a joyfulperson or a sorrowful one, a giver or a taker? Everyone needs to hear loving words. We need to be a witness of Christ’s love always reaching out to othersin need.  “Out of the abundance of theheart, the mouth speaks….by your words you will be justified, and by your wordsyou will be condemned (Matthew 12:34-37).

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Dominic F. Scotto, TOR

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