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Bulletin for the week of October 26, 2014

Regular Mass and Confession Schedule

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This week's readings

  •  26 Sun: 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time—Ex 22:20-26/ 1 Thes 1:5c-10/Mt 22:34-40.
  • 27 Mon: Weekday —Eph 4:32-5:8/Lk 13:10-17.
  • 28 Tues: Ss Simon & Jude, Apostles —Eph 2:19-22/Lk 6:12-16. 
  • 29 Wed: Weekday —Eph 6:1-9/Lk13:31-35
  • 30 Thurs: Weekday— Eph 6:10-20/Lk 13:31-35
  • 31  Fri: Weekday
  • —Phil 1:1-11/Lk 14:1-6
  •  1 Sat: Solemnity of All Saints (Not a Holy Day of Obligation)-  Rv 7:2-4,9-14/ 1 Jn 3:1-3/ Mt 5:1-12a 2 Sun: The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Soul's Day)— Wis 3:1-9/Rom 5:5-11 or 6:3-9/Jn 6:37-40.

Evangelistic Outreach Event

  • Weekly Praise and Worship will held on Tuesday,October 28 at 9:00 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.
  • Festival of Praise will be held on Saturday,November 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

Solemn Vespers & Benediction

Solemn Vespers and Benediction will be held on Sunday, October 26 at 7:00 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

Special Masses

The Spanish Mass will be held on Thursday, November 13 at 4:45 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Latin Extraordinary Form - Low Mass will be held on November 8 at Noon in Christ the King Chapel.

The Novus Ordo Latin Mass will be held on Tuesday, October 28 at 4:45 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Latin Extraordinary Form - High Mass will be held on Sunday, November 16 at 4 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel.

The Byzantine Divine Liturgy will be held on Wednesday November 19 at 4:45 in Christ the King Chapel

Mass and Confession Schedule in Christ the King Chapel for All Saints Break

Thursday October 30: Mass at 12:05 pm (Only Mass of the day) (Confessions are cancelled)

Friday October 31: Mass at 12:05 pm (Only Mass of the day)

Saturday November 1 Solemnity of All Saints (Not a Holy Day of Obligation)- Mass at 10:00 am (Only Mass of the Day)

Sunday November 2: Masses at 10:00 am and a Travelers' Mass at 8:00 p.m.

Monday November 3: The regular Mass and Confession schedule will resume today.

St. Paul Center "The Bible and the Church Fathers"

All are invited to join a bible study on Monday evenings from 7:00 pm- 8:15 pm in the Pugliese Auditorium. Master Theology students and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology are hosting this talk. The bible study is not merely a historical overview of the early Church, this study focuses on how the Fathers help us to understand the words of Scriptuew. The Early Church Fathers lead us into the mysteries of the Word of God. A great tool for the New Evangelization. Don't forget to bring your Bible!

Adoration in the Portiuncula

Just a reminder that if we have committed ourselves to a weekly time slot, that commitment should be considered a scared one that should not be taken lightly. Should anyone for any reason, not be able to make his or her time commitment they should make every effort to find their replacement. In that way we will be faithful to the prayer time we have promised to the Lord. A sign in book has been provided in the rear of the Portiuncula, upon your arrival you must sign in by your name and designated time.

The port will be closing on Wednesday October 29 at 12 noon for All Saints Break. Adoration will resume on Monday,November 3 at 8:00 am. The Blessed Sacrament will remain reserved in the Portiuncula from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for those who wish to pray there, during the break.

Creighton Fertility Care

The Creighton Fertility Care Introductory Session is on Thursday October 16th 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Engaged, married, and single women are welcome. Please call Mary Nelson, CFCP at 740-944-1337, or Stephanie L.S. Rivers, BA, FCP at 740-944-1276 for reservations and location.

Marriage Prep Program

Any engaged couple interested in participating in the Fall Marriage Preparation Program please stop in or contact Pam Salatino at the Chapel Office at 740-283-6276.

The components of the program include:

*Pre- Marriage Inventory: administered by Fr. Shawn Roberson, TOR. This is an on-line program that upon completion, Fr. Shawn will review the results with every couple.

*Pre-Cana Preparation: Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend: November 21-24, 2014 at the Gilmary Retreat Center in Corapolis, PA.

*Natural Family Planning (NFP) Seminars: Stop in the chapel office for a copy of the NFP choices and dates.


From the University Chaplain

Atsome point today all of us in one way or another will be experiencing some formof stress.  Whether it is oversleepingand missing a class, an argument with a friend, spouse or neighbor, or notdoing well on an exam, it will all lead to some degree of stress in our lives.

Theadverse events of the day can wreak havoc, emotionally and physically.  Then there are deep-rooted worries and fearsabout the future, or about our health, or the health of a loved one, about a job,about money, about family problems. Even one’s spiritual life, such as anunfulfilled longing for a deeper relationship with God, can create stress.

Somestress is also caused by the time factor. There just does not seem to be enough hours in a day to do all we needto do, to do the required school assignments, or to do all we think we need todo.  Happy events can also unexpectedlycause stress as well.  Ask any coupleplanning their wedding.  A new job cancause as much anxiety as worry over losing a job.  Over time our view of what is stressfulchanges.  The fears and stresses of ouryouth are replaced with the fears and stresses of adulthood.

Sobefore stress causes you to blow up in one way or another know that there areways to effectively cool down, calm down, and cope.

Rememberthat no matter what we may have to face, we are never alone.  God is always present to us.  Learn how to schedule some quiet time to bein God’s presence through prayer, meditation, or reading the SacredScriptures.  This will help us to relaxand keep stress from taking the upper hand. Empty yourself of stress by filling yourself with God’s peace.

Weknow that Jesus himself often withdrew from the crowds and his busy ministry inorder to pray.  He encourages us to dothe same, telling us that the Father knows what we need even before we ask forit.  Jesus understands the dailypressures that we may be experiencing and invites us to look to Him for help:  “Come to me, all you that are weary and findlife burdensome, and I will give you rest”.(Matthew 11:28).

Unclutteryour life and your schedule.  Learn howto say “no” to certain tasks and avoid over-extending yourself.  Learn how to prioritize your tasks and takeone at a time to make jobs more manageable and to give you a sense ofaccomplishment as each is completed. Enjoy the here and now - and do not overemphasize the “over there” andthe “not yet”.

Sometimespast sins or situations haunt us and continue to cause us anxiety.  We must learn to forgive ourselves just as theLord is always willing to forgive us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Be more positive about yourself.  Each of us is uniquely and wonderfully madeby God for some special purpose.  Lowself-esteem only makes it that much harder to deal with stressfulsituations.  It is extremely importantthat we also learnhow to forgiveothers.  That releases the stress of pentup anger and pain.  Remember that Jesustold his disciples to forgive not just seven times, but seventy times seventimes.

Lifealways demands changes, whether we like them or not.  Yet change is often a cause of stress andfear.  Pray for the courage of acceptanceand ask God for His peace and wisdom. Let us not always strive for more, and instead enjoy the blessings wehave already been given and give thanks. God does not want us to be exhausted - but happy.

 Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Dominic F. Scotto, TOR

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