All residents of the hall share the common areas. No overnight sleeping or personal belonging are permitted in these areas.

Bathroom Entrances - The area outside the entrance to the bathroom and the bathroom door are reserved for signs from the Residence Life Staff only. It is your responsibility to read and comply with these directives.

Chapels - The chapel is available for individual prayer. To reserve this room for communal prayer, please contact the Residence Director at least two days prior to your event. Scheduled chapel events will be posted outside of each Chapel.

The Hall Chaplain celebrates one Hall Mass a month in the chapel. With the exceptions of Kolbe and Clare, Louis and Elizabeth, and Lower Campus, members of the opposite sex are not permitted in the hall chapel without the permission of the respective Residence Director.

Common Rooms - Common rooms are the family rooms of the residence hall. Each common room is typically maintained and used primarily by a household. Outside of that household’s commitments, the common rooms are available for anyone’s use in the residence hall. For regulations regarding the use of the common rooms in your specific residence hall, contact your Residence Director.

Damage to Common Areas - When common area damages occur, a community alert will be posted informing residents of the amount of the damage. After one week, if no information is received, the damage is assessed to all the residents of the floor or Hall. A minimum fine of $10 is assessed to each resident. Heavily trafficked areas (such as elevators, stairwells and TV lounges) that are damaged are charged to all the residents of the hall. This includes property surrounding the residence halls (i.e. gazebos, picnic tables, ashtrays, etc.).

Entertainment - The University expects that all forms of entertainment reflect its Catholic mission and Christian values. Movies, music, video games and other forms of entertainment that contain objectionable material are not permitted. Evaluations by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Office for Film and Broadcasting are used to govern television and video media viewing in the residence hall. Only movies with A-I, A-II, and A-III ratings may be shown. Ratings are available in the RA Office or at Normally, only video games with an E or T rating may be played. University televisions, VCR and DVD players are for use in common areas only. The Residence Director/Coordinator of the hall must approve exceptions to the entertainment policy.

Kitchens - Kitchens are equipped for use of residents. RA offices may have cooking utensils for student use. Residents are required to clean the kitchen and utensils after use. Unmarked and unclaimed food and utensils may be disposed of without notice.

Laundry Rooms - Laundry rooms are available for resident use only from 9:00 a.m. to the close of the Hall. Resident Assistants will remove laundry left after the close of the hall to Hall Storage. Owners may reclaim left laundry upon payment of the $1 fine. The laundry machines require a debit or credit care to operate. Coins are not accepted.

Storage Rooms - Halls have storage rooms available to residents for the semester. Students may store two boxes, trunks, bins, or pieces of luggage, on a first-come, first-serve basis. The University does not provide storage over summer. Unclaimed items at the end of an academic year will be disposed of. Storage is not permitted in any public areas of the hall, including stairwells. Hallways must remain clear of ALL personal belongings at all times.

Study Lounges - Some lounges are available for the private study of residents. Members of the opposite sex are not permitted in study lounges.

Trash Areas - Trash areas are designated on each hall floor. Please take flattened boxes and large amounts of trash to dumpsters. The City of Steubenville has no recycling program.

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