Keys are property of the University, issued individually to each resident. Loaning keys or borrowing keys is prohibited. Found keys may be submitted to residence hall staff or the J.C.Williams Center. Lost keys should be immediately reported to resident assistants. If a key is not found, a $50.00 fine is assessed for new locks and new keys. This fine is not refundable if keys are found at a later date. Doors: Exterior doors must be closed at all times. Propping doors is not permitted.

Lock Outs

If you find yourself locked out of your room, the first step is to find your roommate to let you in. If your roommate is unavailable, contact the RA on your floor. If that RA is not available, you may contact an RA from another floor in your building. If the time of the lock out is between 9:00pm and 1:00am, you may contact the RA office in your building. If it is past 1:00am, con¬tact Campus Security, and a security officer may let you into the main entrance with proper ID. The security officer will not open your room. Locking yourself out of your room is not considered an emergency. Fees may be assessed for lock-outs.

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