Check-Out Procedures

When changing rooms or leaving the residence hall, residents are required to follow proper check-out procedures. The Residence Life Staff will give detailed explanation of these procedures verbally and in writing at the appropriate time.

Room and Roommate Changes

Residents are prohibited from changing rooms or roommates without written approval from their Residence Directors. Residents will be granted time during the first two weeks of a semester to change rooms or roommates for any reason. After this period, residents are required to live in their assigned rooms. Roommate conflicts may be resolved through Resident Assistants or Residence Directors. Residence Life reserves the right to reassign rooms and residents whenever necessary without prior notice.

Withdrawing from the Residence Hall

If a resident leaves the University during the academic year (either during the semester or between semesters) the resident will be granted a contract release upon submission of a Withdrawal Form. Residents must vacate their room within 48 hours of submitting this form. A resident granted a contract release could receive an adjusted room rate during the academic year according to the Refund Policy stated in the University Catalog. The housing deposit will not be refunded.
The University may initiate the termination of the Residential Living Contract for the following reasons:

  • suspension or dismissal from the University for academic or disciplinary reasons;
  • suspension or dismissal from the residence hall for disciplinary reasons;
  • default on the terms of the agreement for payment.

If the University initiates the termination of the Residential Living Contract, the resident will have 48 hours to vacate his/her room and will not be eligible for refund of housing charges. In severe cases, the school may require that a student vacate the facilities immediately, pending a disciplinary hearing.

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