General Guidelines
Any group, organization or individual advertising or posting signs on campus must comply with the University’s policies:

  • The content of all signs and advertisements must be consistent with the University’s identity and mission as a Catholic Franciscan institution.
  • In order to preserve the appearance of our campus buildings and grounds for both the University community and its visitors, postings are restricted to certain areas on campus: bulletin boards inside the J.C. Williams Center, Egan Hall, Antonian Hall (Cafeteria) and Cosmas/Damian, the kiosks outside Egan Hall and the J.C. Williams Center, the Student Life wall and inside the residence halls.
  • Postings are not permitted on sidewalks or campus buildings (including the use of chalk), lampposts, or signs staked into the ground.
  • Postings may not be placed on vehicle windshields, distributed by hand, or placed on tables or in common areas of buildings.
  • Signs may be no larger than 8½” by 11”. Certain campus-wide events can be advertised on poster board size with the approval of the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk.
  • Special permission may be given by the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk for the hanging of a banner in the Main Lounge Area of the J.C. Williams Center.
  • Postings on bulletin boards will be limited to 21 days.
  • Unofficial student parties off campus cannot be advertised.
  • Postings may not specifically promote the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages. Postings that advertise establishments or events where alcohol may be purchased or served must contain the following disclaimer: “Must be 21 years or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.”
  • Any student or organization found in violation of the Campus Sign and Advertisement Policy will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.

    Signs and Advertisements on Kiosks
  • Advertising on the kiosks is limited to events that are sponsored by University-recognized organizations or by University departments.
  • Kiosk signs may be no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches.
  • Kiosk advertising will be limited to 10 days.
  • Organizations may place a sign on all four sides of the kiosks in order to improve their visibility.
  • Signs advertising items for sale or other miscellaneous postings are not permitted on the kiosks.

    Signs and Advertisements in Residence Halls
  • Must be approved by the director of Residence Life in the Student Life Office or the resident director of the each residence hall.
  • Use sticky tac or push pins (for corkboards).
  • DO NOT use packaging tape, duct tape, etc. which damages surfaces.
  • Postings are restricted to corkboards and designated areas only.
  • Ask residence hall staff member where the designated areas are located.
  • Signs must be removed 24 hours after the event.
  • Advertising under residence hall doors is prohibited.

    Signs and Advertisements on Student Life Wall
  • Contact Kathy Muscari, director of Student Activities and Programming at the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk for specifications and regulations regarding signs on the Student Life wall.

    Student Mailboxes
  • Advertising in student mailboxes must receive prior approval from the J.C. Williams Center Information Desk.
  • The mailroom staff will stuff approved fliers after 1:00 pm.



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