Christ the King Chapel

Mass in Christ the King Chapel

The most well-known, used, and recognizable of our many places to pray, Christ the King Chapel is the “spiritual hub” of Franciscan University. It is a place filled with praise, prayer, joy and worship. Here, more than 700 students attend daily Mass, countless numbers of students come for a quiet time of prayer, hundreds of students come to volunteer to serve in various ministries, and students come to grow in their faith life and to receive the sacraments.

The Chapel itself, dedicated in 1968, contrasts with the other buildings on campus with its elliptical form and sweeping curves. Christ the King ChapelIntended to evoke a kingly crown, it features a one-ton steel crucifix thrust skyward on a 56 foot bell tower. The main chapel seats 300 and a small Eucharistic Chapel adjacent to the main chapel seats an additional 50 people. Cathedral stained glass windows, depicting the life of St. Francis and the seven sacraments filter brightly colored light onto the devout within. The sanctuary of the main chapel features a 7-foot San Damiano Cross and imported hand-carved wooden statues of Mary and Joseph.

The name "Christ the King" serves to remind us of our Franciscan Heritage and Francis’ challenge to each of us to be “Troubadours of the Great King.”

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