• Women's Households

  • Acceptance with Joy
    "...joy is not the absence of sorrow but the presence of God."

    Beloved First Truth
    "...we seek passionately to surrender ourselves to God that the fire of His love may transform us."

    Carae Domini
    "...live our lives in example of Mary, who is the ultimate Beloved of the Master."

    Children of the Lord
    "...devoted to the Child Jesus and His example of joy, humility, and simplicity."

    Crown of Creation
    Crown of Creation is a group of women who seek to live out Blessed John Paul II’s message of Theology of the Body.

    Daughters of Divine Mercy
    "...trust, redemptive suffering, and passionate joy...as we strive to live by the motto, 'Jesus, I Trust on You.'"

    Daughters of Jerusalem
    "...living as Daughters of God and Lovers of Christ...as we become the women that God has created us to be."

    Daughters of Zion

    Coordinators of the Year Award - 2014
    By the power of His Spirit these women rise up and respond to this call to minister to others.

    Fiat Sanctae Familiae
    St. Clare Award for Triumph Through Perseverance Winner 2014
    "... we seek to emulate the fiats of each person within the Holy Family..."

    Gaudete in Via Crucis
    "...we strive to take up our crosses daily with joy, knowing that Christ embraced his cross and was resurrected."

    Handmaids of the Lord
    "...follow the will of God in our lives as Mary did and imitate her compassion, humility, simplicity, and gentleness..."

    Illuminata Pace
    "...we hope to eventually, with His grace, embody the four qualities so much needed in the world today: peace, humility, joy, and prayerfulness."

    Love of the Lamb
    "...we strive to love the Lamb through the Heart of Mary... so that we may suffer intensely for love of Christ and one another."

    Madonna of the Streets
    Steel Cross Award Winner 2014 - 1st Place
    "Do not be afraid to go out on the streets and into public places like the first apostles who preached Christ and the Good News of Salvation in the squares of cities."

    Mary, Spouse of the Spirit
    "With Mary as our model, we strive to know the will of God for our lives and live it out as he calls us to."

    Regina Angelorum
    "...God has given us the gift of our sisters to witness to each other and challenge one another to love as Christ loves through prayer and charity."

    Rosa Mystica
    "Under her title, "the Mystical Rose," Mary invites us to share in the Paschal Mystery through the thorns of redemptive suffering, the green leaves of steadfast hope, and the blossom of her Son’s triumph over death."

    Roses of the Immaculate Heart
    "With the help of their patrons, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Michael, and all the legions of angels, they desire to blossom in the Light of the Son."

    Sacrifice of Love
    Steel Cross Award Winner 2014 - Runner-Up
    "We devote ourselves to living as Daughters of God, seeking Christ as our Beloved, spiritual motherhood, and intercessory prayer. Our patron saints are Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Philomena, Saint Anne, and Saint Monica.

    Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
    "Through the reception and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we are given the grace to faithfully serve God and those around us."

    Spirit & Truth
    Coordinators of the Year Award - 2014
    We as Spirit and Truth worshipers strive to live the call of Catholic discipleship in a lifestyle of praise and conform our lives to the Word of God. By this life of praise, we long to dwell always in the presence of the Lord as He inhabits the praises of His people.

    Stella Mariae
    "We are called to live our covenant as ladies, stars, and warriors in Mary's army, with her 10 virtues as our weapons."

    The Little Flowers
    St. Francis Award for Continuous Conversion Winner 2014
    "...to live out the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux in child-like simplicity and humility."


    "...a deep devotion to our Mother as “God bearer,” as well as to St. John of the Cross, to suffering, and to the cross, which we try to help each other carry."

    Totus Tuus, Maria
    "...committed to complete belonging to Christ by means of St. Louis de Montfort’s total consecration to Our Lady..."

    Warriors of the Word
    "Under the patronage of St. Joan of Arc and St. Michael the Archangel, we fight the battle of spiritual warfare equipped as intercessors, prophets, and servants of Our Lord."

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    Warriors of the Word
    Children of the Lord
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    Madonna of the Streets
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