Student Profile

Angela, Franciscan University


  • Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
  • Major: Theology and Philosophy, Honors Program
  • Activities: Intramural Soccer, Chapel Ministries

I don’t know how old I was when I started thinking about attending Franciscan University. It’s been my first choice for as long as I can remember.

When I finally visited the campus, I was probably the most struck by the spiritual community. You could tell everyone had such a beautiful relationship with the Holy Spirit. I was only here for two days that first time, but when I left, it felt like I had been on retreat.

Now that I’m here, I really enjoy how personal the professors are. The other day, I talked with one of my Honors professors for 45 minutes after class. It was great. I wasn’t taking notes, and I wasn’t concerned about how it related to my homework. I was just enjoying learning for learning’s sake. The professors make that possible here.

The community is also amazing. You can’t walk across campus without six people asking how you’re doing. And here, that’s not just another way of saying hi. People really care. They want to know.

Franciscan University feeds the whole person. There are so many opportunities to grow in faith here that God can’t get put on the back burner.

Gaudium Et Spes said that man can’t find himself unless he makes a gift of himself. Well, every day here, I see people giving of themselves over and over again. And through being a part of this community, I’m learning how to do that too. I’m learning how to make a gift of myself. There’s so much life in that.

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