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  • Hometown: Mission Viejo, California
  • Major: Theology and History
  • Household: Brothers of the Eternal Song
  • Activities: NCAA D-III Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Football, and Volleyball

I came to Franciscan because it was a Catholic university, and passionately Catholic at that. I knew I needed to be surrounded by that passionate Catholicism if my faith was going to survive and grow.

I haven’t been disappointed.

Our campus is full of students who have experienced the Lord in a profound way.

Everywhere you turn you find someone who has an amazing story to tell and who can help you know the Lord more intimately. My heart feels so much joy and peace here. It really feels like home.

The professors are great too. In high school I didn’t feel like many of my teachers cared whether I succeeded or failed, but at Franciscan the teachers are eager to help. And not just with academics. I would feel comfortable going to almost any of my professors with personal or spiritual problems.

I also play baseball for the University. The guys who are on the team are all awesome men of God. We are all out there for one reason only: to give God glory, regardless of whether we win or lose. We also try to follow John Paul II’s teaching about sports, seeing them not as ends in themselves, but rather as a way to better ourselves.

Since coming to Franciscan, I’ve come to appreciate the many blessings God pours out on us every day. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next.

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