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Acceptable Usage Policy

Franciscan University is committed to free and open inquiry and discussion, fair allocation of University resources, and the provision of a working environment free of needless disruption. To advance these goals, the University has adopted policies on computer usage that are summarized here and stated in detail in the Franciscan University of Steubenville Policies on the Use of Computers (copies are available in the computer labs). Most of these policies follow from pre-existing regulations, agreements, and/or laws. They fulfill requirements to adopt explicit computer security and ethics policies.

Like all University facilities, University computers and computer networks are to be used only by persons authorized by the University, and only for University purposes. University purposes include the educational programs of the University, as well as its research, administrative, and outreach activities. The usage of University computers and network facilities is a privilege, not a right, and improper use can result in suspension or revocation of those privileges. Use of university facilities for other purposes requires prior authorization.

  1. No person shall give a computer password to anyone.
  2. No person shall engage in, encourage, or conceal from authorities any “cracking” or attempt to engage in, encourage, or conceal from authorities any “cracking,” unauthorized tampering, or other unauthorized use or deliberate disruption of computers.
  3. No person shall read, delete or attempt to read, alter or delete any other person’s computer files or electronic mail without that person’s specific authorization.
  4. Users place confidential data into computers at their own risk. The University can not guarantee the privacy or authenticity of computer files or electronic communications.
  5. No person shall copy or use software or data in violation of copyright laws, license agreements, plagiarism, or the basic requirements of academic honesty.
  6. Users shall take full responsibility for messages that they transmit through the University’s computers and network facilities and shall obey the policies of discussion forums in which they participate. No one shall use the University’s computers to transmit fraudulent, defamatory, harassing, obscene, indecent or threatening messages, any communications prohibited by law or which violates University practice, policy, or the spirit of its mission.
  7. Viewing or accessing indecent, obscene, pornographic materials using university equipment, network, or internet access is strictly prohibited.
  8. Those who administer computers and network facilities shall perform their duties fairly, in accordance with University policies, and shall refer all disciplinary matters to appropriate authorities.

Violations of these policies may incur the same types of disciplinary measures as violations of other University policies, state or federal laws, including the reduction or loss of computer use privileges and criminal prosecution in serious cases.

Other Policies
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