Office of Information Technology

Network Retrictions

To ensure the network you share with the other residents is readily available and to ensure security, some network restrictions are in place.

  • Content filtering is in use to block inappropriate web sites. No special software is required to enable the filtering.  It is done at the Internet gateway for all users of the network. To request that a web site be blocked, send an e-mail to Refer to the Content Filtering Policy.
  • Incoming e-mail is scanned for virus and limited spam content.
  • Many TCP/IP ports are restricted by policy. Typical server ports are disabled. Administrative ports like telnet and ping are also disabled.
  • Each resident is allowed only 1 login to the network.
  • The resident must be registered in a residence hall that is currently online.
  • Each successful login is logged and information about the computer is kept on file.
  • The Office of Information Technology may disable a resident’s network jack in the event of a virus, or abnormally high network traffic that could cause degradation of network performance. Call the Computer Help Desk at extension 7033 to find out what steps to take to get the port enabled.
  • Residence Life Office may request a resident’s account be disabled as a disciplinary action.
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