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Filtering Policy for Residence Halls

As is stated in the University Mission Statement, “It is the further purpose of the University, publicly identified as a Catholic and a Franciscan institution, to promote the moral, spiritual, and religious values of its students.”  By restricting access to various sites, the University is safe guarding its resources from material that can prove to be malicious, harmful and immoral and does not enhance the dignity of the human person.

In accordance with Franciscan University’s mission, OIT will enforce restrictions that filter out certain Internet content that is inappropriate or unacceptable. Specific sites pertaining to violence, pornography, cults, drugs, gambling, militant, and extremist hate groups, and other inappropriate sites will not be accessible to students in the residence halls. Students who attempt to access to these sites will receive a warning on their computer that the site was blocked by the University and notify the student that this information will be logged.

Due to the nature and proliferation of the Internet, it is not always possible to maintain an updated database of these sites. We will, however make every effort to maintain an updated list of these kinds of sites that will become inaccessible to our resident students once the database is updated.

Log files will be maintained of all sites that are accessed from the residence halls and periodically will be reviewed. If the University discovers that certain inappropriate sites were accessed and are not part of the database, we will add those sites to the database. If the University discovers students attempting to or actually gaining access to inappropriate sites, those students will be contacted by Student Life and will be disciplined in accordance to the rules and policies of Student Life.

We urge the students to refrain from accessing inappropriate sites and encourage them to use the Internet as a resource for academic growth and to govern themselves within the framework of the University’s mission.

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