Office of Information Technology

Office of Information Technology Support Staff Policies

The following information outlines the level of service students can reasonably expect, and the level of cooperation we need from students to provide the best service possible.

OIT Staff Obligations

The OIT staff will adhere to the following minimum levels of technical support and service:

  • Level of Service: OIT staff will attempt to provide students with a working connection to the network, which provides connectivity to the campus network and the Internet. In addition, we will attempt to provide functional software, such as a web browser, anti-virus, as supported by OIT and the University.
  • Technical Service Response Times: OIT staff will attempt to respondwithin one business day from first contact with the Help Desk requesting assistance. This response time may be as long as twobusiness days during the first three weeks at the beginning of the semester due to the high demand for assistance.
  • Access to Rooms: During a technical support appointment anOIT staff member normallywill enter the room only if a resident of the room is there. On exceptions, OIT staffwith the escort of an RA may enter a room without a resident present to test or repair the wall outlet. OIT staff will not touch or disturb personal items except as minimally needed to access the data outlet.
  • Professionalism: OIT staff will act in a professional manner throughout their dealings with students. In accordance with this, OIT staff will:
    • Treat students with courtesy.
    • Punctually keep appointments, or give ample notification if rescheduling is necessary.
    • Respect students’ privacy.

OIT Customer Obligations

OITstaff is dependent on students for information critical to the resolution of any problems they may have with theirInternet connection. On occasion OIT staff is required to visit subscribers in their rooms.Acknowledging these facts, students agree to the following points.

  • Minimum System Requirements: Students understand that if their computer does not meet the recommended hardware and software requirements, they may not receive service from OIT staff. In addition, OIT staff may not provide network connectivity support fover a computer that has other non network-related problems that existed before a staff member began working on the computer.
  • Notification:Students will notify OIT staff of problems they are having via email ( or by contacting the Franciscan University Help Desk (Ext. 7033) during normal business hours. If not available when contacted by OIT staff, students will respond back to voice or email messages left by OIT staff in an attempt to contact them.
  • Appointments: Students will be present for the duration of the OIT staff member’s visit. If the student has to leave, the appointment is over.
  • Privacy: Recognizing that some OIT staff members are also students, students agree to confine their personal contact with staff to between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., unless otherwise agreed upon by the staff member.
  • Work Environment:Students agree to help minimize distractions of the OIT staff member, making the room a work environment more conducive to providing technical support (e.g. lowering loud music or loud conversation).

Maximum Appointment Times

  • Unless the staff member and the student have negotiated otherwise, the maximum duration for any one appointment is one hour.

Connectivity Caveats

  • Not all computer systems are designed to be connected to a network.OIT staff has attempted to find Ethernet adapters and software that are compatible with a wide variety of computers. However, there will be systems that are incompatible with the supported adapters and software. We are not able to guarantee that all computers can be connected to the network; however, we will make our best effort to get you connected within the bounds of this service level agreement.
  • The Franciscan University campus network runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. However, we must occasionally take the network down for maintenance. Scheduled maintenancewill be announced by the Franciscan University Help Desk at least 12 hours, and usually 24 hours before the downtime and will be posted on our web page.
  • Occasionally unscheduled network outages also occur. If you lose your network connection, contact the Franciscan University Help Desk at ext. 7033. All connection problems will be fixed as quickly as possible, with failures affecting multiple rooms or residence halls receiving the highest priority.

Other Policies

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