Career Services

Steps and Strategies

  • First
    Identify the type of internship you want and the kind of employers for whom you want to work. This effort is necessary to determine what fields and employers within these fields will provide the best opportunities. Use the resources available through this site and in the Career Office.
  • Second
    Research the internship before you accept it. A great name does not mean a great internship. Read as much as you can about the company and the job. Make an appointment with the career office and ask questions and review experiences of past interns from Franciscan University.

    Questions you might ask:
    • Will the internship allow me to do the type of work that I have an interest?
    • How hands-on will it be? (Ten weeks of merely observing others can be boring and fruitless.)
    • Are interns treated like valued employees?
    • What types of projects have interns typically done?
    • May I speak to former or current interns? (Ask them what they liked and what they didn’t like.)
    • What kind of supervision will I receive?
  • Third
    Think about internships which will relate to your career development. Practical experience can result in big payoffs when you begin looking for permanent employment as graduation approaches.
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