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Internship opportunities are everywhere. You can find them in your home town, on campus or in the Steubenville area or if you’re more adventurous across the country or even across the globe.Check out internships on line or set up an appointment with Career Services and let us help you get started. Have you checked out College Central Network or our internship link?

Great Internships in the Sciences

We've had a number of recent students garner invaluable experience in the sciences. Check out where Franciscan students have interned recently.

All internships are important for so many reasons….

How do you know if a career field is right for you? How can you develop skills that employers will value? Internships, summer jobs, and other experiences enable you to test out a career and develop marketable skills. An internship is a short-term work experience in which you receive training and gain experience in a specific field or career area. An internship can be paid or unpaid and can vary in hours and length and be used for elective credits.
The benefits to interning can include:

  • Gaining experience unparalleled in the classroom and taking a more positive attitude toward coursework as a result of seeing usefulness on the job.
  • Exploring a career field through first-hand experience.
  • Develop confidence, maturity, responsibility and human relations skills.
  • Identifying an employer for full-time employment after college.
  • Providing a valuable resource to employers and making an impact in the “real world”.
  • Establishing vital career networks and mentors.
  • Collecting letters of reference for graduate school applications or future employment references.

The list can continue based on your internship site and employer, but many students find these benefits to be reason enough to explore internship options and participate in experiential learning opportunities.

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