Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I arrange to see a writing consultant?
A: To see a writing consultant, schedule an appointment using our online planner. In the rare event our network server is down, you can schedule an appointment in person by visiting the Writing Center. (Unfortunately, the WC does not have a dedicated phone line at this time, so we cannot schedule appointments over the telephone.)

Q: How long do tutoring sessions last?
A: Sessions are scheduled for 30 minute slots. Students who want more time with a consultant may remain for an additional half hour after their session is completed provided no one else has scheduled an appointment for that time slot. Please note, however, that consultations are limited to two per day or four per week.

Q: What if I am late for an appointment?
A: The Writing Center does sometimes get "no-shows." If you are late, the writing consultant may assume you have canceled your appointment, in which case your time slot may be scheduled to someone else. Please note that after three no-shows, visitors will automatically be prevented from scheduling appointments online until their account has been reset. To have a suspended account reset, simply notify one of the writing consultants on duty.

Q: What can I expect during a visit to the Writing Center?
A: You and the consultant will collaboratively establish an agenda at the beginning of each session. It is important that the agenda be manageable since, of course, the two of you can accomplish only so much during 30 minutes. If necessary, the consultant may recommend a follow-up visit to address substantive issues that remain unresolved after the initial session.

It is also important to note that the role of Writing Center staff is to help students become more effective writers, not to do the students' work for them. For example, consultants do not "correct errors." They can, however, point out several errors in a paper and teach the student how to identify and correct such errors himself.

Q: What should I bring with me to the Writing Center?
A: Always bring your writing assignments and any other pertinent instructions from your professor when you visit the Center.

Q: Can I make a suggestion or leave feedback about my experience at the Writing Center?
A: Yes. After your session has been completed, the scheduler will automatically email a satisfaction survey to you. All visitors to the Writing Center are encouraged to complete this anonymous survey so that we can better assist our clients.
Q: Can I cancel an appointment?
A: Yes. To cancel an appointment: (1) log in to the account that you used to make the appointment, (2) click on the appointment time slot, and (3) click “Cancel This Appointment” at the bottom of the page. If you have difficulty, one of the writing consultants on duty can assist you.
Q: Can the Writing Center assist me with a take-home examination?
A: No assistance will be offered for take-home examinations without prior approval from the instructor.



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