• New Student Orientation

    1. How are housing assignments for new students made?
      Students who have deposited and attend a University Day in early June are able to request a hall and/or roommate during their University Day.  They are given their residence hall assignment that day.  The dates the enrollment deposit and housing contract are received are given consideration in making all assignments.  Consideration is given to roommate requests, as long as the request is reciprocal.  Housing Contracts must be received in the Student Life Office by May 15 for any specific requests to be considered. Housing assignments and roommate contact information will be mailed in early July.  ALL HOUSING ASSIGNMENTS ARE BASED ON AVAILABILITY.

    2. Is it possible to change my housing assignment once I have received it?
      Once the assignments are made, it is not possible to make a change prior to the start of school.  After students arrive and check in to their assigned spaces, we allow a two-week period where students can change rooms with the permission of their Residence Director. Please check with your Residence Director for the dates that this will take place if you desire to change rooms.

    3. Can I change roommates if I am not getting along with my assigned roommate?
      Living in a Residence Hall brings some challenges for many students. If there are roommate conflicts, we encourage the residents to communicate with each other and their resident assistants to resolve the situations. However, if residents feel it necessary to change rooms they may do so ONLY during the room change period at the beginning of the semester. After the room change period, residents with concerns are encouraged to speak to the Resident Assistants (RA) or Residence Director (RD) of their Hall.

    4. Can I move off campus if I change my mind?
      The Residential Living Contract is binding for the entire academic year.  Franciscan University of Steubenville requires that all full-time students who are candidates for an undergraduate degree must live in University housing while enrolled at Franciscan University of Steubenville unless they meet one or more of the following conditions:

      1. They reside with a parent or guardian in the immediate area, or
      2. They are at least age 21 prior to September 15 of a given academic year and have more than 88 credits, or
      3. They have reached age 22 prior to September 15 of a given academic year.

    5. What types of rooms are available?
      We offer double room accommodations.  Limited triple rooms are available in Bonaventure Hall and all of the rooms in Scotus Hall are quadruple rooms.  Triple and quadruple rooms are charged at the same price as a double room. Apartment style housing may be available to upperclassmen and non-traditional students. (See Assisi Heights for more information.) 

      If there is a high request for housing, the latest deposits received may be placed in temporary housing.

    6. What items are supplied in the room?
      Rooms are approximately 10 x 14. Each double room is furnished with two twin size beds (some halls have twin extra long), two desks with bookshelves, two chairs, two wardrobes (27" x 12" deep x 42" x 12" wide) with storage space above, towel racks, a mirror, and draperies. Triple rooms have an additional bed, desk with bookshelf, chair, and dresser. Quadruple rooms have two additional beds, desks, bookshelves, chairs, and wardrobes.

      Each student room is also equipped with a Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone. Features on the phone include caller ID, call waiting, and a voice mailbox for each student in the room. Students are responsible for any information communicated from University faculty and staff via this phone system. Each room is also equipped with high speed internet.

    7. Can I arrive before the designated time or stay past my last final exam?
      Early arrivals are not permitted due to staff training and preparations for the new students. Late departures are also not permitted. Students must check out within 24-hours after their last exam.  Exam schedules are usually distributed during the first week of classes.  Please do not make travel plans or flight arrangements prior to receiving your exam schedule.

    8. Are Residence Halls closed over Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks?
      Residence Halls are open for Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break with no additional fees. Dining services are not available during Thanksgiving Break and students that are staying for Thanksgiving Break must sign up ahead of time.

      Residence Halls are closed during Christmas Break and all residents must vacate the premises during this break. Although the Residence Halls are closed during Spring Break, students may stay during Spring Break for an additional fee.   Dining services are not available during the Spring Break.

    9. Can I send my belongings to the University before I arrive?
      You can send your belongings to the University one week before your arrival. The boxes will be placed in the University Mail Room, and you will have to collect your boxes and carry them to your room from that location. Please address the boxes with your NAME and "NEW FALL (or SPRING) STUDENT" as well as your ASSIGNED RESIDENCE HALL (if known).

    10. Can I access the Internet from my residence hall room?
      Yes. For more specific information, click here.

    11. Can I make long distance calls from the Residence Halls?
      Long distance calls can be made using a calling card.

    12. Where can I get a small refrigerator?
      The University does not rent refrigerators, but you can purchase one locally at stores such as Walmart, Kmart, and Sears.

    13. Do I have to join the household whose wing I live on?
      There are households that live on most wings in the Residence Halls. New students are encouraged to visit several households in order to decide which household they would like to join. This allows them to look at various groups and decide which one fits them the best. Household membership is encouraged but not required.

    14. What does the Residence Hall Staff do?
      Residence Director (RD)
      Residence Directors are professional, full-time, live-in staff who are responsible for managing the Residence Hall facilities, supervising the Hall Staff, facilitating the good order of the residential environment and fostering personal and community development.

      Resident Assistants (RA)
      Resident Assistants are students who have been specially selected and trained to work with the Residence Directors in carrying out their duties. They provide peer leadership, support and regular supervision of the residents in their building.
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